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Thread: What are the ways to get bigger profits from the Forex trading field ?

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    Default What are the ways to get bigger profits from the Forex trading field ?

    What are the ways to get bigger profits from the Forex trading field ? All the trades actually dreams about making big profits .Can anyone share with us the solution .

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    when you trade long for more than one day or even a month. you could get a bigger profit from the forex trading.

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    Dear Kalex76,

    Nice question my man Kalex76, the ways to get bigger profits from the Forex trading field. From my own experience I will try and bring out some points that will help the newbie and even the experienced to make bigger profits in Foreign exchange market. To make it big in Forex, you need to ask yourself some questions, because without the resources ( working strategy, time, discipline...etc. The questions you should ask yourself are stated below.

    1. How much time do I have for Forex? This is all about the time you have to study Forex everyday. The quantity of time with the quality of time done at this time really matters and determine your greatness and profitable trades in Foreign exchange market.

    2. Do I take Forex as a Business or my hobbies? This is about psychology in Forex, the way you take it really matters. Do you take it as a business or as hobby. To do this is very important to know that taking the right decision will make you great in Forex.

    3. Do I have the working strategy? This is really very important. When I mean working strategy I mean to you personally, Every strategy out there is really good. What makes the difference is the trader and the knowledge and the way you apply the strategy. Ask yourself this question and you will know your level in Forex.

    4. How much level is my trust to myself generally in Forex? I have noticed this in Forex that many people trade Forex without themselves believing in themselves. Know the status of your thinking to yourself. It is really important, It defines alot of things about you.

    5. Do I research more to make my strategy better? Research is really important. It opens your eyes to new ideas that might work and give you better chances of winning big in the Foreign exchange market. Learn to know your status in the question and work on yourself.

    After this questions and you have been able to get the right answer for yourself and know what is best for you. You need to follow and do right things to maintain the winning streak.

    1. Love What you do. Love Forex: Love is something powerful, you tend to work and do better things when you love something. Love is what gets you in the way and makes you different and connect you to the right ways. When you love Forex, your spirit is high towards it and you tend to learn more and of course make bigger capital from it.

    2. Always aspire to learn more in Forex everyday: Learning everyday makes you see new things and when this is done, it makes you a better trader, and when this is achieved you stand the chance of wining and earning more in Forex.

    3. Always have a set out rule for yourself: A set out rule is what keeps you in check in what you are doing. It makes you have a guideline to what you are doing and when you have a guideline you are one step ahead to make it big in Forex.

    4. Be discipline enough to strictly follow your wining Rule: When you are disciplined and you have a set a out rule that will help you do the right thing. And you follow it judiciously, when you do it you tend to make it big and bigger in Forex if your set out rule is of standard.

    5. Knowing yourself and what works for you: Knowing yourself and works for you in this article will be channeled to strategy, strategy are of different types. When you have the right knowledge about what can make you comfortable and you apply it to Forex, you tend to make it big in Forex.

    6. Working on your emotions: Emotion is what is needed to be worked upon before you can make it big in Forex. We are all humans and we tend to be emotional in everything. To make it big in Forex work on your Emotion and make it work for you instead of working against you.

    7. Having the right mindset is really very important:Mind set is really important. The mindset you have to Forex will really determine if you are really going to make it big in Forex or not depends on the mindset you have and this mindset is really very important in all you do. It defines everything you do in Forex.

    8. Totally avoiding gambling spirit: Gambling is not good for Forex, When you tend to gamble you tend to lose more. To make it big in Forex, you need to totally avoid gambling. Gambling is really very bad. Make sure you avoid it.

    9. Exercise and meditation gives your mind a better state: This is also really important. Exercise and meditation keeps your mind in a good state and keep you in a active zone to do the right thing to make it big in Forex. Try to put this into your routine before trading and you will see the difference in your life.

    10. Making friends with other Forex Traders: Making friends with other traders will really make you have experience and know what other who do the same thing with you. It open you eyes and gives room to the right insight and experience from other traders. This is important and it opens your eyes to see new things.

    11. Totally avoiding Complex strategies: As a Forex trader, I can say from experience that complex strategies are good. But try as much as possible to make is simple for your self. When there is a complex strategy, the rules are also complex. There by getting you confused to take the wrong decision. When you get good simple strategy you tend to make it big in Forex with ease.

    12. Having the right money management skill:Money management has killed so many traders. Knowing the right money management for your strategy is very important, that is why studying your strategy is really very important and it makes you make it big in Forex.

    13. Total eradication of Fear while trading:Fear is destructive, it kills. To make it big in Foreign exchange market, you need to totally eradicate fear from you heart. When this is done, you tend to make it big in Forex there by making you a stable trader.

    14. Do not put the capital you cannot avoid to lose: Putting money you cannot avoid to lose especially if you borrow it can affect your Big profits in Forex, so to make it in Forex, avoid putting money you cannot avoid to lose but cool enough to make enough profit for you.

    15. Staying in the right environment during trading: Environments affects us all either positively or negatively, it opens our eyes to see the things we don't naturally see. To make it big in Forex, endeavor to located you right environment. The right environment is really important

    16. Have fast good network: This is to developing countries like mine, Internet connection have been a thing of problem to us. I will advice you have alternative networks. From experience have a good network makes you see the right signal at the right time and thereby making you take the right action at that time.

    17. Weekend analysis: Weekend analysis is cool, it opens your eyes to many things and make you see the mistakes you made when you were trading during the week. To make it big in Forex apply this and you will make it.

    18.Be the master of one strategy: This is totally understanding a trade system to yourself like no other person. Making yourself one with the strategy and focusing in it day and night. Knowing how it works and working on it to show you the right trading skills. This is really very important and can always make you big in Forex

    19. Having a Forex journal: Forex journal helps you in keeping track of your development in Forex, To make it big in Forex this is needed to be followed. It keeps your head high and let you know where you are going and where you are coming from.

    20. Perfect combination of technical analysis and fundamental analysis: The combination of both will really improve your ways in Forex and increase your chances in making it in life. You will make it big in Forex if you apply this.

    21. Avoid over confidence: Too much of anything is not good. always avoid to over trade in Forex. It might lead to regret. Have a set out profit rule. And this can always keep you in the right proportion and keep you to make more money in everything you do.

    22. When you make any mistake take it as an experience:Mistakes should be taking as experience and avenue to learn more in Forex. Forex is really very important when you can always convert your mistakes to experience.

    23. Try to develop your own strategy: Trying to develop your own strategy will really open your eyes to many things. It will increase your knowledge and get you to do the right thing. When you can achieve this, you will make it big in Forex.

    24. Working hard to know the secret: For everything in life there is a secret, so as to Forex to make it big in Forex learn to search for the secret and work on it to make yourself a better trader. This will even improve your life generally.

    25. Choosing the right broker for your Forex business: To make it big in Forex, you need to choose the right broker that will always give you a good signal to make your right decision. So learn to do this and you will make it big in Forex.

    Always remember that there is secret to everything in this life, is those people that knows the secret that makes the difference in every aspect of life. And to make this difference, hardwork and diligence is required. And also know that in Forex, everybody cannot be buying and the same time. So I will advice you think out of the box while trading the Foreign exchange market. So with all this points, I think I have been able to open you my friends to my opinions I hope it makes you better in your trading. Wishing you all a nice profitable week ahead.

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