Kevin Riley

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Age: 21
Location: United States
Race: Terran
Twitter: twitter.com/qxc0000
Facebook: facebook.com/pages/qxc/128129407223366

A relatively unknown but competitive Brood War player, Kevin "qxc" Riley only really came into his own during the beta of StarCraft 2. In the new game he cemented his position as not only one of the best Terrans in America, but one of the best players worldwide with event win after win. Since then, studies have taken the front seat but he has announced his intention to get back up to the top and eventually compete in the GSL in Korea.

With his unique, aggressive play style and solid Brood War fundamentals qxc has helped popularise heavy drop play and multi-tasking styles reminiscent of some of the best Korean Terran players. Being a relatively recent addition to FXOpen e-Sports, qxc is eager to test his strong team game results under the new banner and continue to compete both locally and internationally.

Fun Facts

  • qxc created a Build Order Tester that was popular among many SC2 players.
  • qxc created So you think you can micro?, a set of Terran micro maps.
  • qxc created EMP Challenge, a survival map where one exploits the decloaking of units due to EMP to try to get as many kills as possible before death.
  • qxc created Stalker Blink Survival Map, a survival map where one controls a stalker with abilities such as blink, psi storm, and fungal growth and tries to get as many kills as possible before death.
  • qxc is the OMFG.fm reigning champion.
  • qxc goes to Harvey Mudd College, the same college Day[9] attended.
  • qxc plays Terran in StarCraft: Brood War as well as StarCraft 2.
  • qxc joined GosuCamp as a bootcamp attendee.
  • qxc lost to ROOT-CatZ in a sing off.
  • qxc tells the story of his sign "I'm QXC You've probably heard of me." on his stream.
  • Outside of Starcaft, qxc has an avid interest in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Parkour.
  • qxc can be seen on Day[9] Daily in episodes 138, 144, 202, 216, 225 and 262.


  • TeamSpeak TL Open 13, 1st place
  • EG Master's Cup, 1st place
  • ROOT Challenge NA Invitational, 3rd place
  • FXOpen Path of Ascension, 1st place
  • PanPacific Championship, 1st place
  • Tour of Duty #1, 1st place
  • SoCal LAN Fullerton, 1st place
  • XBLGaming $1000 Prize Tournament, 1st place
  • Day[9]'s Wednesday Night Fights #1, 1st place
  • IEM Season V - American Championships, 2nd place
  • 2010 Summer Newegg Wanfest, 2nd place
  • CEVO Sapphire Minerals SC2 Tournament, 1st place
  • CSN Geekbox SC2 Summer Rush, 1st place
  • IEM Season V US - Group C, 1st place
  • US.CraftCup|US CraftCup #1, 1st place
  • First Green Forest Tournament, 4th place
  • IEM Season V US - Regular Season Cup #1, 3rd place
  • National ESL Sunday 1v1 Beta Cup, 1st place
  • vT Beta Sendoff #2, 2nd place
  • osuCoaching Weekly #5, 2nd place
  • GosuCoaching Weekly #4, 1st place
  • Triple Strike Team Cup #5, 1st place
  • Triple Strike Team Cup #4, 1st place
  • Triple Strike Team Cup #3, 1st place
  • Smuft's Team Battle Tournament, 2nd place

FXOqxc interview for MLG Dallas