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Thread: Using Deviation to avoid Requotes

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    Default Using Deviation to avoid Requotes

    Many of us had had this happen from time to time. It's news time, and g/j is jumping around like a mexican jumping bean. In between you clicking to open or close a trade, and it being executed, the market price has changed dramatically and you get the dreaded requote, or your expert advisor messes up because of "offquote" errors.

    What can you do about it?

    Introducing "Deviation"

    Deviation will allow MT4 to accept a certain leeway between the requested price, and the quoted price, avoiding the requote popup and opening or closing your trade in a timely manner.

    First go to the menu and choose tools/options

    Then select the "Trade" tab where the Deviation by default can be set. Then click "ok"

    Hopefully with this setting between 3 and 5 pips, you can avoid most, if not all time wasting requote popups and your Expert Advisors can work unimpeded when volatility is abnormally high or during network congestion through the internet.
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    thank you, i have been sufferd of reqouts with my last broker.

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