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Thread: i just want a "clear" answer !!!

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    Default i just want a "clear" answer !!!

    hey there, i really dont know if its possible to "put" a thread about the "bonus" here, but i just want some answers from the moderator or the manager.

    Its about a month n im waiting for the bonus, n im still waiting without a clear answer, so please just tell me why ? why i must wait all this time for a bonus ?
    is it a 1000 $ bonus or what ?? i dunno !
    i say it again plz just tell me if you gonna gimme the bonus or not, cuz i dont wanna wait for an other month !

    Thanks at all,

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    Please read here --->
    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    To claim your forum posts bonus, please make ONE PM to FXOpen Manager.
    Please make sure you include the Standard account number that you would like to have the bonus paid into.

    Due to the unfair workload on moderators, repeated PMs, and repeated complaints from impatient people waiting for a bonus payment will be ignored and may be deleted without warning. If you make the posts without cheating and without breaking the forum rules, you will be paid the bonus.

    Please allow time for the management to check your posts for validity.

    Thanks for your understanding.
    So u dont need to open new thread.
    Please be patient. Thread closed.


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