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Thread: forex signal provider? which one?

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    Default forex signal provider? which one?

    So you decided to make full time leaving from foreign exchange market? Or you are going to supplement your income from here? You have set up yourself with proper broker available. I believe you spent hundred of hours in front of PC trying to put together all maths and physics involving currency market. Now you watching business news in the morning paper and following CNBC channel to be on the top with latest information from exchange market. You trading your demo account trying to figure out how to make it all work? So? Does it? No?

    Face the fact that in currency market all is possible and there is no golden rule to follow. There are so many aspects to consider that you will need at least another head to set this puzzle together.

    But do not worry there is a hope that can make it work.

    Signal solutions for forex trading. People who traded forex for a long time and developed their own systems to enter and exit with profit strategies. They will share this knowledge with you for varieties of prices from usd49 to usd499 a month for those precious information. Problem is which one will suit you best. Are they scams? How do I know?

    For medium advanced forex trader is almost impossible to choose proper forex signal system, which is not a scam, or at least not profitable. There is bulk of forex signals providers out there. They all offer their signal solution to trade currency with success.

    Advice is that you will have to establish what type of trader are you? Do you want to trade quickly or maybe over the days or weeks? What losses can you manage and how much money you want to invest.

    As long as you know al that it is a time to pick up signal trade provider.

    Few things worth researching are: performance, service offered and rewievs of the signal. Search on forum for another users of the product you are interested in and ask for comment. Every profitable system should be up on collective2 with real track performance. Look for service offered. You will quickly find out that only few offer free trail-option to try signals before you pay. Demand performance evidence.

    But while doing all that hard work choosing your automat forex signal system remember that you will have to totally follow it without exceptions to make most out of it. Any even small innovation may have dramatic results in your own gains.

    Remember that your future profits will depend on your signal provider so calculate carefully and make smart decisions.for more go to

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    yeah through this i want to make some extra earning

    i have been trading from the last six months on demo trading i made 850$ but still i cant switch to real account
    Contact me at:[email protected]
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    Quote Originally Posted by soumyakhatri View Post
    yeah through this i want to make some extra earning

    i have been trading from the last six months on demo trading i made 850$ but still i cant switch to real account
    Dear i must say that now you just have to leave the demo trading because 6 months are more then enough to get the good knowledge and great skills of forex trading , so you must have to go for real trading because its not possible that you can make real money on demo account, so whether you are making $850 or whether you are making $8500 /month it doesn't changes into real money because you are making on demo account not on the real account.

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