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Thread: 原油分析9月1日

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    Default 原油分析9月1日

    *Please note that oil products cease trading one hour early (18:30 UK time) today Monday 1st September due to Labor Day holiday*

    Technical Report:
    The market is continuing along its sideway trend with an Inside Day on Friday which gives very little indication of a breakout in either direction. As we have dropped below the 9 day moving average and at time of print are sitting on the 14 day it appears a test of Fridays low is on the cards before a test of its high.

    The short term trend is sideways the medium term is bearish and the long term remains bullish.

    Support支撑位: $113.50 (Fridays low 周五低点) Resistance阻力位 : $120.93 (high of 21/08/08 8月21日低点)
    Support支撑位: $112.81 (low of 28/08/08 8月28日低点) Resistance阻力位 : $118.26 (high of 28/08/08 8月28日低点)
    Support支撑位: $111.65 (low of 26/08/08 8月26日低点) Resistance阻力位 : $116.75 (Fridays high 周五高点)

    The fact that this market has not made large gains to the upside in view of the ample media coverage surrounding Gustav and Hannah indicates to me an amply supplied market. With the NATO/Russia bullish news also currently in focus all that prices can manage is a sideway movement. One feels that without any fresh bullish headlines a test of the bottom of the recent range will occur when Gustav becomes old news. Activity could be very limited today as it is a Public holiday in the USA (Labor Day) and many European traders also take this opportunity for social events.

    The ODL oil contract trades between 07:15 and 19:30 UK Time
    The ODL oil contract is based on the front month (October) of the ICE Brent contract:
    Yesterdays Settlements: October - $114.05 November - $115.38
    昨日结算: 十月 $114.05 十一月 $115.38
    Yesterdays Settlements WTI: October - $115.46 November - $115.85
    昨日结算轻油: 十月; $115.46 十一月 $115.85

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    怎么都是英文 看不出名堂来啊

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