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Thread: How to plug-in to the right Internet money making system

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    Default How to plug-in to the right Internet money making system

    Today on the Internet, every body seems to have an "automated internet money making system" promising you to make thousands without really lifting up a thumb, but the question one must ask is, are these systems a joke, or are people really making money from these systems.

    Well, let's take a closer look. I consider myself having a fair sense of judgement, and I can't help but be intrigued when I see some of these opportunities promising to make you hundreds of thousands of dollars if you only just leave your name, and your e-mail address. They all seem to work that way, so that they can bombard you with e-mails until you finally give in or just unsubscribe.

    Despite the constant harassment, and noise coming from these opportunities, it is a known fact that some people are making money. Nevertheless, we would like to know who they are, and what system do they have in place? How much money are they really making? Well, I have learnt over the years that the big guys are those who know pretty much everything there is to know about Internet marketing, and who can literally market any product or service they wish, and are guaranteed to make a ton of money. These are kind of like the super salesmen of the online world. Don't get me wrong, these guys are not bad guys, they have a great skill in an internet market that has an endless potential. You can't really blame them if they make money right?

    Well these "Internet Marketers" are well known to all. There is no need to mention their names as there are so many of them. Nevertheless, for the sake of precision, I will give you a few names ( John Reese, Ted Nicholas, Marlon Sanders, Yanik Silver, Stephen Pierce, Joe Vitale, Shawn Casey, late Corey Rudl (Derek Gehl), Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, Arman Morin, Ewen Chia, Terry Dean, Willie Crawford, Alex Mandosian, Dan Lok etc. etc. etc.

    Mind you, I did not list them in order of importance. I just listed them as they came, but there are many more. In the names quoted above, I have included some renown copy writers, but I know of few copywriters who don't know how to market. The two sort of go together.

    Anyway, I don't even know why I got off on that tangent. It was just to give you a small glimpse of the people who are really making money on this Internet, and like I said before there are many more that I have not mentioned, not to talk about the new kids on the block that are busting out like you won't imagine. Making a million dollars on the internet for the big names mentioned above is like child's play. Some of them have been able to cumulate over these few years over 10 million and some have earned more than 30 million through the Internet over the past few years.

    This therefore takes care of the fact that there are people online that are making A LOT of money. To make it even simpler, I would say there are 3 categories of people online making this money. Those I mentioned, amongst many in the paragraph above, would be considered in category 1. Please also note that there are certain people in the first category who prefer to remain anonymous, and will probably be never known to the general public. These guys are super affiliates or regular guys who have understood true Internet marketing, and prefer to remain in the shadow.

    Then you have what I call the 2nd category of people who are people who are less known than the stars above, but have some sort of notoriety if you really dig deep. For example there are guys on e-bay and yahoo making tens of millions of dollars per year, but prefer to remain under the radar, and you will not find a book or a system created by them. That's just their choice.

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    The third category would be the home-based business or work at home people. These people don't want overhead or any kind of corporate hassle. These are ordinary people who are making extraordinary incomes on the Internet. Not that those mentioned above are not ordinary...it's just that the people in this category tend to be more accessible. Think of the people in category one as Universities. When you buy their systems...at least for most of them, you will learn true Internet marketing right down to the core. As for those in the second category, think of them as those "A" grade students who don't necessarily want to share their stuff with you or study with you, and for whom everything seems to go their way. If you are lucky, you could hook up with one of them, and they would share their "know-how"but to you ONLY.

    Now enter the third category. This is like your neighbor with whom you hang out from time to time, and are used to waiting in line at the mall. He is the one who all of a sudden begins to shop in luxurious stores, drive different cars, and tells you he is moving to another neighborhood. This is the guy you cling to and say "You gotta show me what you are doing!!" In most cases, the guy will love to share his opportunity with you because he is so excited that all this is happening to him, plus by sharing it to you, he probably will make even more money, but at this point, you don't care, you just want to know. You are probably now thinking to yourself that your neighbor is into some kind of network marketing company or something of that sort. Well, apart from the guy who learnt forex , and the stock market, it is usually an MLM type opportunity.

    However, there is a new breed or people who have become disillusioned with the network marketing/MLM industry and are creating a direct sales industry that is like the next phase of evolution of Network marketing. In other words, it takes out all the yucky stuff from network marketing (cold calling i.e calling strangers, harassing your friends and neighbors, going to meetings, maintaining your business volume, ordering tapes etc etc.) and keeps the good parts of network marketing such the power of leverage the power of duplication, and the sheer power of numbers.

    This finally brings me to the point of automated systems. The category 3 people are mostly the ones creating these systems. So, is it all hype or are they real? Well anybody with strong nerves, strong determination, a strong will, and proper training can succeed in any opportunity. The thing is, not everybody is solid right from the get go. Some people started solid, but have been slapped around by failures, disappointments, and sometimes sheer bad luck!! So are these people doomed to fail in any online venture? The answer is NO!

    For these people, the entry point into online home based business opportunities is in category 3. The key here is to pick 3 or 4 favorite opportunities and study them closely. Don't be impressed by the testimonies, even though these can be extremely impressive. Study the testimonials, try and call some of them IF there is a contact number or address. Get a first hand opinion, and don't be all negative, but try to be as objective as possible when talking to these people. Don't just ask them questions like: "well...have you made in money in this thing..." or "How much money have you made?" or still "How much money do you think I will make?".Instead, ask questions about what made them choose this opportunity, what pleases them the most about this opportunity, and most importantly, HOW IS THE TRAINING AND TEAM WORK? Or even better...is there a coach, a mentor that will hold you by the hand UNTIL you make money, is there proof of this kind of support? You get my point. Don't focus so much on the money, but focus on the system, and how it works...what exactly is the "plug-in" system? Once you have that cleared, then you will be ready to sign up, and you will not have any false expectations, which will keep you focused even when you will most certainly encounter obstacles. Proceed in this way, and we could soon be reading your success story! You will learn and grow, and eventually be able to master the online world, and why not create a product or service that will benefit the entire Internet home based business community.



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