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Thread: Mini Forex Trading - Small Capital, Low Risk But Big Consistent Income Potential

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    Default Mini Forex Trading - Small Capital, Low Risk But Big Consistent Income Potential

    Are opportunities passing your way because you lack adequate capital to start

    off a business to generate a 5 figure income? Many people, especially those
    looking for a replacement income by working from home, or those who have been
    retrenched, downsized or laid off from work are seeking opportunities to make
    a living. Countless are attracted by the financial markets...trading stocks
    and shares, futures and commodities, and forex.

    If you are someone faced with a pressing problem of entering the field of
    forex trading but are held back because of the fear of inadequate capital and
    insufficient knowledge, mini forex trading accounts is the answer to your
    pressing need.

    If you are out of a job and looking for a replacement job or career long term
    to create a consistent income, one of the fastest way and easiest way is to
    become a forex trader. But let me tell you from the onset that in forex
    trading, only about 10% are consistently profitable. And if you are reading
    this article, you are in a good position to know how to move into this 10% of
    profitable forex traders and start creating that second or replacement income
    that you sorely need.

    Firstly, let me explain why you need a very low capital to trade in forex
    using a mini forex trading account. In a mini forex trading account, forex
    brokers are willing to give you a very high margin. The leverage is as high
    as 200:1. In other words, in the mini forex account, there is a small margin
    deposit required fixed at $50 for per lot traded. This amounts to a stunning
    leverage of 200 to 1 (10,000/50 = 200)! If you get this information correctly
    , you only need as little as $50 to start trading one lot in your mini forex

    By trading mini lots like this, your risk is made very low and minimal. Your
    potential loss is substantially less because of the small capital involved
    when compared to the normal full trading account.

    So that's settle the question of capital, because at $50 a lot, you can start
    off trading a mini forex account with as low as whatever the forex broker is
    willing to accept above $50. There are some online brokers that do allow you
    to trade with as little as $25 in your account!

    Secondly, I am sure you have heard the sorrowful tales of those who lost their
    money trading in forex or stocks and shares or futures and commodities. That
    is absolutely true because only 10% of forex traders consistently make money.
    Your duty is to become a trader belonging to this 10%, but how can you ensure

    In trading, APPLIED knowledge is the key to wealth creation.

    So your task is to acquire that important knowledge and learn to trade
    profitably. With the advent of technology and the high speed desktop
    computers, it is now possible to shorten the learning curve. By finding a
    mentor who is experienced and successful, you can very quickly clone yourself
    into the mould of your mentor, following his most profitable trading
    techniques by practising your trades in a trade simulator.

    You can now gain years of trading experience by spending weeks on a trade
    simulator, practising your forex trading strategy which has been proven to be
    profitable under the guidance of your mentor. If that is not enough, you can
    still reduce the risk further by using a demo account before you start

    Coupled with the use of a mini forex trading account, the risk is
    substantially reduced in trading.

    Once you are consistently profitable in your simulated trades and your
    profitable trades are substantially more than your losing trades, then it is
    time for you to APPLY that knowlege and enter the real world of forex trading
    using a mini forex trading account.

    By adopting a proven trading technique from a successful mentor, and by
    acquiring the necessary trading experience and skills with a trade simulator
    and practising on a demo account, you will have the best opportunities to
    start creating wealth from day one of your trading career as a forex trader
    by further reducing risk trading mini forex sizes.

    You can be on the way to become a most profitable and successful trader with

    mini forex within weeks if you follow this proven method of learning and

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    thank you



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