Australian bond yields surge sharply today after RBA skipped the asset purchases to defend the 0.10% April 2024 yield target. Yield on April 2024 AGS more than doubled to above 0.5%. Meanwhile, 3-year AGS yield extended recent rally and accelerated to as high as 1.19%.

The development prompted speculations that RBA would change its forward guidance to indicate that conditions for rate hike could come earlier than 2024. Westpac said it now confirm its expectation that RBA hike would come in February 2023. CBA is expecting a November 2022 hike while ANZ is forecasting a hike in H2 of 2023.

Separately, RBA Deputy Governor Guy DeBelle told the Senate today, “the monetary policy settings we have in place, as do other central banks around the world, are looking to generate a little higher inflation than we have seen over the last five, six years, as well generate more jobs.” Nevertheless, he added, “a little bit more inflation is welcome, a lot more inflation isn’t.”