Success and Failure in Trading

Forex Trading can bring both Success and Failure and as such the traders need to be ready for both and also try to increase their chances of SUCCESS and decrease their chances of FAILURE.

Here i will try to Explain the Mentality behind what is Success and What is Failure so that the traders can make the necessary changes in their trading styles and habits and in turn try to become more successful in their Forex and Crypto Trading Results.

What is Successful Trading?

Many traders have a notion that they can become successful in a very short span of time or they can actually define success after the outcome of a small number of trades. But in reality this is not correct and in the Forex Trading parlance being a Successful Trader has a broader meaning and Implications.

If a Trader is able to generate Profits on a continuous basis each month, regardless of how much he can be classified as a Successful Trader.
But he must not forget that a Single Mistake can take away his profits and put him back in the League of Loosing Traders

What is Failure in Trading?

Those traders who are doing their trading without being able to remain profitable at the end of a trading month can be classified as a Failure in Trading.
But that does not mean that they have no Scope or Chances. What actually is True is that Each Failure is a Stepping Stone Towards Success.

I will Agree that being a Failure in Forex and Crypto Trading is actually a Learning Stage towards becoming a Successful Trader