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Thread: Are you a newbie to forex? This is the place to go !!

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    Thumbs up Are you a newbie to forex? This is the place to go !!

    I've found the best place for a newbie to start learnig forex.
    Not only does this site take one from the basics (kindergarden) through to college, it also does it in a humourous and interesting way.
    Even the person who thinks reading charts and analysing them is dumb and boring can be turned from his view.

    School of Pipsology Curriculum:Pre-school Forex Basics

    Kindergarten Types of charts
    1st Grade Japanese Candlesticks
    2nd Grade Support and Resistance, Trend Lines, and Channels
    3rd Grade Fibonacci
    4th Grade Moving Averages
    5th Grade Common Chart Indicators
    Bollinger Bands, MACD, Stochastics, RSI, and Parabolic SAR

    6th Grade Oscillators and Momentum Indicators
    7th Grade Important Chart Patterns
    8th Grade Forex Pivot Points

    9th Grade Multiple Timeframes
    10th Grade Elliott Wave Theory
    11th Grade Create Your Own Trading System
    12th Grade Market Hours - Know When to Trade
    13th Grade Money Management
    14th Grade Plan Your Trade and Trade Your Plan

    Multiple Trading Personality Disorder
    Trading News
    Market Sentiment
    U.S. Dollar Index
    Carry Trade
    The Lazy Forex Trader's Way to Riches
    Be a Forex Trader, Not a Forex Sucker
    The Number One Cause of Death for Forex Traders
    Commdity Currencies
    Currency Crosses
    Divergence Trading

    So what are you waiting for? If you're a newbie then get going.
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    Yes, b a b y p i p is the first place I send people to learn the basics. Great site.
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    Default Violation of copyright?

    great site, will defenately learn something new from here!

    And if i still have questions, i will come here and ask the professionals!

    P.S. I have downloaded the entire "school" section of the site to my hardisk for my personal reading (i don't have fast internet at home). If anyone thinks that posting the zip file for everyone to download will violate the copyright law, or the admin of "babypips" will object, please let me know. I will hold the upload of the file untill it is cleared with our forum's admin or some seniour member.

    So, hang in there, and wait!
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