Stage 20.09 jackpot is 16$

1. To participate in the contest FROM 10 TO 100, you need to open an STP account with FXOpen with a leverage of 1: 500 (agent code: 384016) and submit an application submit an application on the topic of the contest of the contest. The duration of the competition is 1 week. The competition is cyclical starting on Monday. Start 20.09.2021.

Example requisition:

Sanyok11 account: 708967 invest password: FXOpen
After the application for participation is submitted, you need to replenish (or align) account to balance 10$. A participant who submitted an application after trading on the declared account with the required balance cannot become a prize winner of the ompetition. Please note that all participants must have the same investment password as FXOpen and it is prohibited to change it.

2. The winners of the competition are determined by the profit indicator (if the winners have identical profit indicators, their prize money is summed up and divided equally between these winners). In the case of repeated of repeated replenishment or withdrawal of funds from the competition account from the moment of the start of the competition until its completion, the participant of the competition cannot claim prizes. The minimum profit margin for the right to receive a prize is 100%. Minimum number of trades 5. Pairs: NOKSEK NOKJPY HKDJPY are not included in the calculation of the minimum number of transactions.

Prize fund formation rules:

Up to 15 participants:

Number of participants * 6$ = Prize fund.

Number of participants / 4 = Number of prizes

Above 15 participants:

Number of participants * 7$ = Prize fund.

Number of participants / 4 = Number of prizes

Prize size: 1 prize 100%, 2 prize money 60% 40%, 3 prize money 50% 30% 20%, 4 prize money 40% 30% 20% 10%. Maximum 4 prizes. Rounding prizes to whole numbers.

Attention: A prerequisite for the right to receive a prize is that the winner has a profitability indicator of at least 100%. In the absence of this indicator among the participants, the prize goes to the next stage and forms a jackpot, which is distributed equally among the winners of the next stage.

All transactions at the end of the competition must be closed. A participant who has rescheduled transactions for the weekend is not entitled to a prize.

3. Prizes are credited to the STP account of FXOpen (agent code: 384016) and can be withdrawn if the withdrawal conditions are met: for every 2$ of the prize, you need to make 1 deal (+/- 40 points). The minimum number of transactions is 5. To credit the prize to the trading account, you must send a personal message with the account number (opened by the link specified in the rules of the competition) to the curator of the Sanyok11 competition. It is prohibited to withdraw profit from bonuses until they are fully worked out!

The deadline for application is Thursday. An application for participation can be submitted An application for participation can be submitted on the topic of the current competition, even if the topic for the next competition is not open. After opening a topic, the requisition will be moved to a new topic.

Participants of the competition undertake the collection and storage of information published in the applications for participation of other participants.

Multi-registration and fraud in the competition are prohibited. Participants' transactions cannot be identical or related.

Winners verified earlier than 2020 must update documents according to the new verification rules. Details on the FXOpen website.

Link to open STP account

Discussion of the competition