Crypto Volatility Index Levels Up, Version 2.0 Is Now Live

  • Crypto Volatility Index launches its new Version 2.0.
  • This version comes with many exciting new features.
  • Features include revamped UX, USDC platform, margin trading, and volatility tokens on DEXs.

The Crypto Volatility Index (CVI) team is thrilled to announce the launch of CVI V2. After intense months of planning, designing, and developing, this new Version 2.0 is bringing some amazing new features and improvements.

Specifically, the biggest new updates on the new live platform include a USDC platform and a revamped UX. Moreover, the new version is also introducing margin trading on the Polygon network. Finally, it will also be bringing volatility tokens on decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

In detail, the USDC platform is new to this version. Users can now open positions, provide liquidity, and stake CVI USDC on the platform. Similarly, the margin trading option is also new to CVI. In fact, the UX for margin trading is also available now.

Additionally, the margin trading feature allows traders to leverage their USDC positions on the Polygon network by X2 (and X3 later on). In turn, this gives them greater access to larger sums of capital. Above all, users will be able to enhance their trading strategies.

More so, this will lead to more successful trades, and successful trades lead to larger profit generation. In comparison, unleveraged trades do not yield the same results, therefore, the new features will increase capital efficiency for CVI’s users.

The next big change is the introduction of volatility tokens on the platform. Bringing this new and innovative concept to trade volatility is a huge milestone for the brand. However, it is also a huge milestone for the DeFi world as well. To highlight, this will allow users to trade and use them as a hedging tool against impermanent loss.

In particular, the first Volatility token to go live on the platform is ETHVOL (USDC-ETH). It will be traded on any Ethereum-based DEXs. It will draw the attention of traders, DEXs, and Arbitrageurs whenever a difference in price occurs between the two markets (mint/burn due to prices on secondary markets).

To add, any arbitrage-related operations on the main platform (mint\burn) will result in an increase of collected fees (open\close position). The next volatility token to go live on CVI CVIVOL, which will be traded on any Polygon supported DEXs.

Lastly, the platform is very thankful for its users as it utilized user feedback to redesign CVI’s platform. With the new easy-to-use UI/UX, CVI offers a much smoother and more efficient platform for traders.