How to Choose a Forex Affiliate Program ?

This is the most important part for the potential affiliate. In some cases, the nature of the business dictates the type of the affiliation suitable. For instance, running a huge, successful trading educational website means you are suitable for at least an IB.

However, what matters the most, like in any business, is the bottom line. More precisely, the commissioning – how competitive is it?

Moreover, the broker’s prestige, reputation, and experience. If you want to associate yourself with a brokerage house, you might want to make sure you pick the right one to recommend your traders.

Furthermore, consider the broker’s offering. If the brokerage house offers the latest technology or not, the right type of the trading accounts (e.g. ECN), if it has a worldwide presence or not, and so on.

Every little detail matters. The more reliable the broker, the easier to make the affiliate decision.