Types of Forex Affiliate Programs

Before anything, a Forex affiliation should be viewed a partnering with a broker. Therefore, the persons interesting in such programs should think twice before picking it. Reputation, regulation, and trust among traders are things to consider.

Basically, three types of Forex affiliate programs predominate:

  • Forex affiliate
  • Forex introducing broker (IB)
  • White label partnership

Forex Affiliate

The most common way to participate in a Forex affiliate program is to become a Forex affiliate. This typically suits traders with a big following on social media.

For instance, if you run a successful Twitter account related to trading and have a large following base, this is one way to monetize it. By registering with the broker, you will receive a unique link, and every trader that registers via your link is counted.

Naturally, the broker rewards every successful registration and active trader that comes from such a program. Also, Twitter is just an example. Social media nowadays means much more – Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and so on.

Moreover, people running successful websites or blogs related to trading may find such a program useful. By using banners and directed email marketing campaigns, they can monetize the website’s traffic and customer’s database.

Forex Introducing Broker

Another form of Forex affiliation is to become a Forex introducing broker or IB. In large parts, this type of Forex affiliate program resembles the previous one. However, conditions are better because the broker accepts only certain introducers under such a program.

For instance, a Forex-related website or even a Forex forum with increased traffic would qualify for this category. Also important, the broker offers better deals depending on the number of potential clients directed. Account types also have a saying in the way the introducing broker is remunerated.

All in all, an IB program is a step further in the Forex affiliate programs. If the first category usually refers to one person, here we may even have institutions.

White Label Partnership

White label partnerships go even further. Instead of introducing traders to the broker, why not building your own business under your own brand and partner with a trusted brokerage house for licensing the technology?

White label partnership increased in popularity in the last years, and many traders using the services of such a broker do not know the difference. After all, the services are the same, the execution is the same, and the brokerage house behind the white label partnership always stands ready to provide support.

A white label partnership essentially means licensing the trading platform, but also everything that comes with running a successful trading business. For instance, such solutions come with the original liquidity pool from the broker – the more liquidity providers, the better.

Naturally, this is not a solution for everyone. It needs substantial investment and credibility. As such, it addressed banks and other financial institutions, legal persons, but also other Forex brokers that want to change the way they are doing business (e.g., switching from market-making to ECN trading).

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