1. To take part in the competition, please leave your participant’s application in the comment section below the “PAMM Project on FXOpen” message. Please specify the names of PAMM accounts on the FXOpen platform, as well as investment percentage.

We will start accepting applications on the weekend and stop at 12 midnight on Monday.

The competition participant may submit one (1) application within a weekly stage. The investment shares for one provider are fixed: $100, $200, or $300.

The number of providers in the application may range from 5 to 10.

The weekly investment capital is fixed at $1500 regardless of investment results.

The latest application submission term is the second week of the competition.

To be eligible to participate and compete for the prize, the participant must have an experience of at least three investment weeks.

The competition is cyclical; the participant may submit their application for the next stage once the fourth week’s results are published, even if no announcements of the next stage are made (announcements are published on the FXOpen forum). The application can be submitted on any of the member forums by a sole nickname. The competition starts on 07/03/2021.

Here is an example of a participation application:

2. At the end of the trading week, the participant must leave a message in the comment section below the same “FXOpen’s PAMM Project” post specifying the results of the investment week and indicating the percentage of FXOpen providers' profitability, as well as the investment result yielded by investment activity.

To obtain this data, please visit the provider's page in the Extended Statistics tab, then click Weekly Yield. Also in your results post, please provide the links to providers’ stat pages. In case you get the “Not Found" message, please highlight this information in red in your message. The competition curator will immediately look into this issue.

In case the provider closes the account (regardless of the result) before fixing the weekly yield, the totals should be indicated as 0%.

Here’s an example of documenting investment week results:

3. The competition curator will check all the results of the participants’ investment activity and announce the highest performance numbers of the week. Depending on their place in the profitability rating, the winners of the week are to be awarded points that will help determine the winners of the competition at the end of the 4-week investment marathon.

An example of participant rating and scoring:

Please note that any active PAMM account providers on the FXOpen platform can be indicated in the application, regardless of the account currency and offer parameters.

In case providers that are inactive at the time of application filing, or third-party providers entered in the application by mistake are included in the application, their numbers will not be taken into account and will be excluded from the application.

The participants have three (3) days to
submit their bid for victory: starting on the closing of the trading week until Tuesday midnight (12am/end of the first day of the new trading week).

If during the weekly stage the contender does not submit their bid for victory or does so with a delay, their investment result is not taken into account. If there are two identical results in the victory bid applications submitted by two different participants, the application published first will be prioritized.

Important: The contender must have submitted their weekly totals for each week of participation.

4. The winners of the competition must collect the highest number of competition points they will have been awarded by the curator by the end of the competition (four (4) weeks). In case several participants collect an equal number of points, the winner will be determined by the amount of profit after 4 weeks of investment activity.


1st place winner: $25

2nd place winner: $15

3rd place winner: $10

Prizes are credited to FXOpen’s STP trading account (code 384016) and may be withdrawn if the withdrawal conditions are met: one deal (+/- 40 pips) for every $2 of the prize. The minimum number of transactions is five (5).

The competition duration is one (1) month.

Participant forums (through which applications are accepted):

Important: Winners verified before 2020 must update their documentation following the new verification rules. Please find more details on the FXOpen website.

The winner of the competition skips the next stage.

Multi-accounts and fraudulent activity are prohibited.

Please use this link to open an account with FXOpen

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