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Thread: FXOpen Betting Contest

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    Default FXOpen Betting Contest

    1. To participate in the competition, you must publish a bet application, where you indicate the trading instrument, the closing date of the daily candle, and the winning bet level the price must reach from the moment the post is published until the close of the day specified in the application. Bets are accepted from Monday 10:00 to Friday 10:00 and apply only to the current week.

    Example application:

    EUR/USD 1.02 1.12256

    Each bet includes:

    * The price of publishing a bet. The average price of a minute candlestick by the terminal time, which coincides with the time of publication of the post on the forum (GMT + 2).

    * The price of winning a bet. The price must reach this level to be considered a winning one (indicated in the application).

    * The price of losing a bet. Which should not be achieved (not specified in the application). It is calculated according to the formula: Price of publication - Price of winning + Price of publication = Price of losing a bet. In other words, the distance from the Publishing Price to the Loss Price must not exceed the distance from the Publishing Price to the Winning Price.

    * The party accepting the bet. In this case, this is the FXOpen forum, which accepts all bets published in the contest topic, according to the rules of the contest.

    It is allowed to use all trading instruments available in the FXOpen terminal in the competition. The bet uses the Bid prices of the STP account (server quotes: real1.fxopen.com:443). The least difference between the Publishing Price and the Winning Price should not be less than 500 pips (with an ATR (period 1000) on D1 less than 2000 pips) and 5000 pips (with an ATR (period 1000) 2000 or more pips) at the time of posting. A bet that has reached the winning level at the time of publishing the bet cannot be considered a winning bet.

    How to find out the ATR indicator on D1:

    How to calculate the average price of a minute candle:

    Trading instruments in one trading week should not be repeated. It turns out that each of the bets in the current week should be concluded on different instruments. It is forbidden to delete bets and edit them, but you have the opportunity to correct errors or insert a link to analytics, immediately after the publication of the forecast, until the fix is ​​fixed in the lower-left corner of the posting window.

    The publication of two bets in one post is prohibited.

    The number of bets from one participant should not exceed more than 10 per week.

    2. The winner is determined based on the number of bets won per week. In the case of identical indicators, the participant who published the first winning bet first wins. To be eligible to claim the prize, you must submit a claim for winning, in which you cite the claims with winning bets. Deadline for submitting applications on Monday before the publication of the results of the competition.

    Claim to win:

    Link or quote of a won bet

    Link or quote of a won bet

    Winning applications that do not have a link to the post with a won bet will not be considered victorious. Systematic publication of inaccurate results may lead to disqualification from participation in the competition. The number of applications for victory from one participant is not more than once per week.

    History of bet publications on the RU forum


    1st place 20$

    2nd place 15$

    3rd place 10$

    Prize fund of the competition:

    From 2 to 5 participants — 1 prize.

    From 6 to 10 participants — 2 prizes.

    More than 10 participants — 3 prizes.

    A prerequisite for publishing a bet is the presence of a post with a brief description of the analytical reasons for which the bet was offered. Within an hour after the publication of the application, otherwise, the bet will not be accepted. Posts should be published in the Forex section your language forum.

    Competitive posts cannot be submitted to another competition.

    Prizes are credited to the STP trading account of FXOpen (agent code 384016) and can be withdrawn if the withdrawal conditions are met: for every $ 2 of the prize, you need to make 1 deal (+/- 40 pips). The minimum number of transactions is 5.

    Winners verified earlier than 2020 must update documents according to the new verification rules. Details on the FXOpen website.

    Multi-registration and fraud are prohibited.

    Account with FXOpen

    Competition discussion

    Competition start date: 03/22/2020
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    Mazeed info apko yahen se mily gi https://forum.fxopen.com/forums/282-Forex-contests
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