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Thread: How much profit can you expect from Forex?

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    Default How much profit can you expect from Forex?

    The forex trade is fast becoming the buzzword in the international arena and the forex trade is trying to attain its place on the top of the popularity chart at a steady pace. The forex trade always seemed as a lucrative proposition since its early days, but the requirement of huge investments somewhat restricted this trade from the general masses. After the popularity boom of the internet this trade also went through a vast change and that opened it up for the general masses. Lack of information about this trade made it relatively unknown for most of the people in the past. But slowly the situation changed and at present you can lot of information about this trade with expert advice too.

    The forex trade became the center of attraction among the masses due to its capacity to earn huge profits in a very short span of time. Here the question arises how much of profit you can actually earn from the forex trade? If you pose this question you may get the answer like huge amount of profits and if you try to look at the forex exchange rates, they always move from 0.5% to 1.5% at the maximum, the movement is very small practically unnoticeable, then where from the huge amount of profit is coming, if you look at the investment required to trade in the forex market then you may find that it ranges from $50 to $300 with most of the online brokers and the forex dealers.

    The catch lies with the leverage allowed on your trading account. The leverage allowed on your account makes it possible to actually trade for $100,000 forex lot for every $1000 invested by you. If you are able to earn say about 0.75% return on the whole lot of forex then the return on your own investment comes out to be 75% flat. That is the actual catch and makes the forex trade attractive for the masses.

    No expert in the forex trade can assure you about any specific rate of return on your investment but as portrayed earlier it is quite high and the earning of profits solely depend on the moves made by you. It is not always possible to register the profits only you can lose your investment sometimes, but the best part of the current forex trade is that in case of any loss you stand to lose the initial investment made by you only. This makes the proposition further attractive for the masses. The online forex broker/dealer sites made it quite easy for the people to get into the forex trade and reap the profits. These sites provide you with initial training on the forex trading by providing you the host of articles on the forex trading that enables you to get the initial knowledge required to get into the trade.

    Beside that it also provides you the demo trading account where you can trade in a virtual forex market that behaves like the real one without investing anything from your pocket. The demo accounts are quite capable of training you for the real forex trading. The demo accounts also provide you the facility to test and sharpen your skills in the forex trading arena.

    The present forex trading format offers you the high amount of profit with the initial investment of $50 to $300 only and the risk of losing the initial amount in the case of a loss. This proposition I far better proposition as compared to the investment in the stock exchanges and hence the forex trade is getting popularity at a brisk pace.
    by forexgates.com

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    good article,i really like forex because i don't have to invest to much money and i can make money from home.

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