TickTrader Desktop Terminal

TickTrader Desktop Terminal is an ultimate all-in-one trading application combining professional tools with fully customizable interface. It has a high-level functionality and opens access to both marginal trading and exchange of FX and Crypto instruments with low latency.

TickTrader Desktop Advantages:

  • Highly customizable user-friendly interface with a range of options that allows personalizing of the workspace.
  • Both marginal and exchange trading of FX, Metals and Crypto instruments.
  • Wide range of orders types supported, including IOC and Iceberg orders, helping traders to make smarter trading choices.
  • Great variety of tools needed for effective technical analysis, including common trend indicators, oscillators, volatility measures and line drawings, all accessible from directly within the chart.
  • Regular and advanced chart types, including Tick charts, various time frames, overlay function, a fully customizable toolbar and rich suite of user settings.
  • One-click/double-click trading modes.
  • Built-in Depth of Market (Level 2 pricing).
  • Creation and testing of algorithmic strategies and custom indicators.

Download Tick Trader Desktop Trader