43% of FXOpen clients are profitable

Almost a year has passed since the new rules for European brokers working with private traders entered into force. The Finance Magnates editors analyzed how the profitability indicators of retail broker clients changed.
Profitability rates

As you can see from the chart below, the spread of values ​​is very large. Some brokers managed to keep customers who earned more than a year ago. And some brokers failed. However, 17 brokers out of 35 improved their indicators.

In particular, FXOpen broker lead in the table in terms of profitability of its clients this year, having increased the rate from 22% to 43% in a year. In total, 9 brokers reported that the profitability of retail traders did not change and another 9 reported a deterioration in performance. On average, the profitability of retail customers rose to 25.1% compared with 23.5% in a previous year.