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03-12-2014, 12:43 AM
To participate in our free tournaments and in the promotions of Poker club:

1) A request to the theme Members of the Poker Club (https://forum.forexcup.com/threads/85692-Members-of-the-Poker-Club?p=901439&viewfull=1#post901439) as a nickname on PokerStars and the number of purse eWallet that can be found in your account FXOpen (https://www.fxopen.ru).

2) Join the Club "FXOpen PokerStars (https://forum.forexcup.com/forums/405-Poker-Club-FXOpen-PokerStars)".

Each of the poker club members may be suspended from the club until the confirmation of the club rules knowledge in the subject Discussion and questions (https://forum.forexcup.com/threads/83347-Discussion-and-questions?p=752330&viewfull=1#post752330). After that, your membership will be restored.

The prize fund is distributed as a percentage depending on the parameters of the tournament. The budget of the tournament depends on the number of participants and is given by:

1 participant = $ 5 (no more than $ 200)

Prizes are credited to the bonus account online.

Note: Participation in the tournament is only possible if there is a ticket to the tournament. Which you can get by doing the minimum amount of activity on the forum. In the form of the publication of posts in sections indicated these by the moderator of your language section. Member of the club fulfilling the conditions of posting but has failed to take part in the tournament is entitled to participate in the next tournament for tickets. To do this, you must cancel the registration of this event and to inform the club about this manager. If for one reason or another participated in the tournament player does not fulfill the conditions of posting. He was removed from the winners of the ranking in the event cashes. A prize is awarded to the next-ranking party. Systemic violation of the rules may lead to the suspension of the club member.

Minimum activity consists of 20 posts published within the last seven days before the start of the tournament. Short messages are not taken into account.

FXOpen forum moderators do not need a ticket.

For the right to receive a prize at the forum of the competition, you must leave the post of information on one of the thematic resources (contests and promotions) as well as Like in any of the forums or social networks to choose from:

google +

Since FXOpen pages in social networks are also a thematic resources. They are suitable for posting.

For every $ 10 bonus prize-winner must leave 1 post + 1 like. At least 1 post +1 Like if a prize sum of less than $ 10 but more than 1$.

Reports posts and likes send Moderators. If the nickname is different from what you are using on the forum FXOpen. You need to specify it.