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02-07-2014, 04:03 PM
Dear fellow Traders,

Sometimes we hear about these scams in forex market that some investors lost money in the millions, even tens of millions of dollars. Where that occurs due to such things!? Due to lack of wise investors or by investors too greedy?

No! ... In my opinion, they haven’t yet to find a model of quality forex managed accounts (where there are professional traders, managers for customers putting the safety of investors' interests up on its own) so they risk "sending sheep to the wolves" without knowing it, they did not anticipate the potential risks in the potentially market but also very risky.

To meet the demand making profits but safe for investors in the forex market, we are pleased to introduce to you a forex managed accounts services to investors with the following criteria: safety for investor’s investment first! Accordance with the following requirements:

Traders requirements:
1. Live or demo account
2. Trade on NFA, FCA, FINMA… regulated brokers (MT4)
3. Open trade with SL/TP
4. Max SL: 250 pips for FX and $25 for Gold
5. Min closed trades/month: 5 trades (original)
6. Max DD/floating DD: 5%/month
7. Min open trade time: 5 minute
8. Max consecutive loss: 3 months
9. Stop out: 15%
10. Min trade performance: 3 months
11. Min profit/3 months: 15%
12. Commission: 20%/profit (high water mark)

Investor benefits:
1. No account opening fee
2. No management fee
3. Client funds in client name
4. Only client can withdraw funds
5. The Manager has Limited Power of Attorney
6. Minimum invest 10k USD
7. Performance fee: 30%/profit (high water mark)

If you recommend us any investor or trader meet the conditions on cooperation with us, you would get 2% of the investors profits and/or 10% of traders commission.

If you want to be a Pro Trader with unlimited income, and long-term stability. Please register to join our Pro Trader Group. Please fill out the following information and send it back to us to email address: [email protected]

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ID/Passport number:
Current address:
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