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01-20-2014, 09:09 AM
FXOpen announces the launch of the Foreх Article Contest (http://blog.fxopen.com/fxopen-announces-results-of-the-forex-article-contest-2/)-3! The holidays are over and we are back again to continue the search for the best writer of Forex-related articles. We have introduced some interesting changes to the contest rules that are sure to fire you up for this activity.

What is new?

This time, we offer 7 main prizes for the authors of the best works, totaling US$1,300. The prizes will be distributed as follows:
1st place – US$400
2nd place – US$300
3rd place – US$200
4th place – US$150
5th place – US$150
6th place – US$50
7th place – US$50

The articles will be published in the company’s official blog and will be announced in the social networks. We also offer the People's Choice Award of US$100 that will be given to the author of the most popular article in the social network Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/FXOpenCompany). Sign up, be the first to read your peers’ stories, and vote for the most interesting work!

When to join?

The competition starts on January 23rd and will last for 5 weeks. The deadline for your entries is 4 pm on February 28th. Once the contest is closed, the expert judges (which include Forex analysts, representatives of the company’s financial and dealing departments, and the editorial staff) will decide on the winners.

How to join?

To participate in the contest you need a trading account with FXOpen (http://www.fxopen.com/) (Registration (https://cabinet.fxopen.com/registration.aspx?Culture=en)) and an account on FXOpen Forum (http://forum.fxopen.com/) (Registration (http://forum.fxopen.com/register.php)).

Just e-mail your entry to [email protected] Be sure to provide your FXOpen eWallet number along with FXOpen Forum login, and write “FXOpen Article Contest” in the email subject line. If your work passes moderation, you will receive an e-mail confirming that your article has been accepted. It will be published in the company’s blog with a note indicating that your article is included in the contest. You will also be able to see the other contestants’ stories in the company’s blog.

What are the criteria?

The articles must be between 400 to 1,500 words and written in English.

For the work to be accepted, the article must not contain any promotional material, criticism or defamatory comments of other brokers and the services they provide. The submitted material should contain useful information to other traders and those new to Forex.

The entries must also contain quality content i.e., duplicate, previously published or plagiarised content, low-quality material, extremely short notes with no illustrations or ‘cut and paste’ articles will not be accepted.

The closing time and date for the entries is 4 pm on February 28th.

How to withdraw prizes?

Prize money can be withdrawn via any payment system available within 30 days after it has been credited to the account. There should also be at least 20 trades made in the account.

The prizes will be added to the participant’s ECN or STP accounts registered in FXOpen.


FXOpen representatives reserve the right to judge the ranking of the competitors and will ensure that fair play is observed at all times. The company’s employees are not allowed to take part in the competition. The contest may be prolonged in case of insufficient number of quality works.

Let us help you to start the New 2014 Year with success!

01-21-2014, 01:03 AM
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01-21-2014, 07:57 AM
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03-06-2014, 11:29 AM
The third round of the Forex Article Contest came to an end on Friday, February 28th. This competition, sponsored by FXOpen since its launch in September 2013, has evolved significantly over its lifetime and established an audience all of its own. The contest organizers were pleased to discover that a number of the company’s clients appear to be both skillful Forex traders and creative personalities with a talent for writing.

There are 7 prizes in the Forex Article Contest-3. The expert judges analyzed the entries and adjudicated the following traders to be the winners:

1st place – Marcin Nowogórski – US$400
2nd place – Dana Slymak – US$300
3rd place – Elena Puliaeva – US$200
4th place – Preeti Hegde – US$150
5th place – Neeraj Saxena – US$150
6th place – Rina Kustina – US$50
7th place – Igor Kostyuk – US$50

Stories of personal approaches to trading, unique systems, discoveries and worked-out schemes were highly appreciated among the contest works.

In addition, the competition organizers have decided to award an additional prize of US$50 to Alexander Semkin for the creative and original form of narrative, demonstrated in his tale “A Bear and a Bull.”

Finally, FXOpen has presented a separate prize of US$100 to Marcin Nowogórski. His article won the “People’s Choice Award” for being the most popular with the social networkers.

Please remember that only articles complying with the contest rules were accepted in the competition. FXOpen representatives took part in judging the ranking of the competitors and ensured that fair play was observed at all times.

FXOpen would like to congratulate all the winners and wishes them, and all the contestants, every success with their trading in the future.

Best regards,
FXOpen NZ Limited
Customer Service
E-mail: [email protected] ([email protected])
FXOpen Live Chat (24/5) (http://support.fxopen.com/visitor/index.php?/LiveChat/Chat)

03-11-2014, 03:07 PM
Dear participants of the Forex Article Contest,
The contest organizers would like to clarify the issue with regard to the “People’s Choice Award” that went to the author of the most popular article with the social networkers.

The article «Few facts that can change your way of trading» by Marcin Nowogórski got the greatest number of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ in social networks with passing to the very content published in the corporate blog. According to the judges, it signalizes the users’ interest in reading the material itself not just helping the author to promote it by simple clicking on the ‘likes’ and ‘share’ buttons.


Two articles under the title «Success and Failure in Trading the Markets» and «Inside Bar Trading Strategy» were excluded from the social networks popularity list due to the unfair methods of voting used. The contest organizers considered unnatural the number of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ without reading the material itself.

Anyway, both the articles participated in the contest on equal ground with the rest works published in FXOpen blog and could have taken one of the 7 main prizes. However, the judges distributed the prizes in a different way, as was announced before.

We’d like to draw your attention to the fact that an appeal to your friends in social networks to vote for the article is seen as unfair practice unless your friend get real interest in the content itself and go to the corporate blog to analyze the material closely. Such votes are viewed as cheating and won’t be considered in the competition.

Please, see below the graphical information that helped to determine the winner in the “People’s Choice Award” nomination.