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08-19-2013, 04:14 PM
FXOpen invites everybody to take part in a contest judging the best article about Forex. You have an opportunity to not only win the prize money, but also to discover hidden, new talents. The contest starts on 1st September and is open to all.


There are two categories in the competition: “Forex Theory” and “Forex Success Story.”

To participate in the category “Forex Success Story”, you are required to send to us an article about your personal achievements in Forex. Your success story may be told in various ways: you may wish to describe your effortless conquest of the Forex market or regale the reader with a story of a thorny path to Forex trading but with a long-desired happy end in the form of steady profits. You may wish to tell the reader about a “successful” debut in Forex associated with your first losses or you may speculate on what you believe represents true success in Forex and how it is implemented in your life. All narrative forms including humorous, will be judged equally.

The articles in the category “Forex Theory” should have a different focus i.e., you are required to have a more academic approach when working on the articles and demonstrate deep understanding of the market and its specifics. You are free to write about any aspect of Forex, about the pros and cons of various trading strategies, about the most innovative and effective Expert Advisors and, most importantly, about how it fits into your life.

Basically, it is the main requirement for the works in this category to provide useful, original and informative content, supported by examples from the personal working experience, as well as screenshots, charts and graphs. Market analytics however will not be accepted.

Authors of the three best articles will receive:

The category “Forex Theory”
1st place – US$500
2nd place – US$250
3rd place – US$150

The category “Forex Success Story”
1st place – US$250
2nd place – US$100
3rd place – US$50

The articles will be published in the company’s official blog and will be announced in FXOpen Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/FXOpenCompany). Sign up and be the first to read stories from your peers!

The winners will be voted for using FXOpen Facebook i.e., the number of 'likes' and appropriate comments. Your fellow traders and social network users will thus decide the final outcome of the competition. There will also be a randomly chosen voter who will receive a US$100 bonus!

The event organizers – FXOpen team – reserve the right to judge the ranking of the competitors and will ensure that fair play is observed at all times. The contest will be prolonged in case of insufficient number of quality works. FXOpen employees are not allowed to take part in the competition.

The prizes will be added to the participants’ ECN accounts registered in FXOpen.

To participate in the contest you need a trading account with FXOpen (http://www.fxopen.com/) (Registration (https://cabinet.fxopen.com/registration.aspx?Culture=en)) and an account on FXOpen Forum (http://forum.fxopen.com/forum.php)(Registration (http://forum.fxopen.com/register.php)).

The articles must be between 400 to 1,500 words and written in English.

For the works to be accepted, the articles must not contain any promotional material or criticisms or defamatory comments of other brokers and the services they provide. The content should contain interesting facts that may be useful to other traders and those new to Forex.

They must also contain quality content i.e., duplicate, previously published or plagiarised content, low-quality material, extremely short notes with no illustrations or ‘cut and paste’ articles will not be accepted.

The closing date for entries is 1st October.

To participate in the competition, e-mail your entry to [email protected] Ensure that you provide your FXOpen eWallet number along with FXOpen Forum login and to write “FXOpen Article Contest” in the email subject line. If your work has passed moderation, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that your article has been accepted. It will be published in the company’s blog with a note that this article figures in the contest. You will also be able to see other contestants’ stories in the company’s blog (http://blog.fxopen.com/).

A gifted person can do anything – reveal your hidden talents with support from FXOpen!

UPDATE! The contest deadline has been extended to October 15, 2013, so there are two more weeks to share your trading experience and join the list of odds-on favourites.

08-28-2013, 09:17 AM
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08-28-2013, 09:32 AM
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08-28-2013, 09:02 PM
it is the best thnig done by forex open and we can get benifit of this contest to win money.

09-27-2013, 10:35 AM
it is the best thnig done by forex open and we can get benifit of this contest to win money.

We hope you will enjoy participating!

10-01-2013, 01:06 PM
We launched the Forex Article Contest in early September. The competition was focused on the Forex-related articles to be written in one of the two categories i.e., “Forex Theory” or “Forex Success Story.”

The contest deadline has been extended to October 15, 2013, so there are two more weeks to share your trading experience and join the list of odds-on favourites.

The contestants’ works that are available in the corporate blogs in the Russian (http://blog.fxopen.ru/tema/konkursy-fxopen/) and English (http://blog.fxopen.com/topics/forex-article-contest/) languages. You are free to consult the useful material and pose any questions to the authors of the articles.

In order to participate in the contest you have to write a story about your personal achievements in Forex (humorous form of narration is welcomed) or an article about the market specifics demonstrating your in-depth knowledge.

There are different requirements to the provided material depending on the category.

Authors of the three best articles will receive:

The category “Forex Theory”
1st place – US$500
2nd place – US$250
3rd place – US$150

The category “Forex Success Story”
1st place – US$250
2nd place – US$100
3rd place – US$50

FXOpen would like to take this opportunity to offer its thanks to all the participants and to invite others to join this competition!

We will be accepting your works for two more weeks, until October 15, 2013. Send them to [email protected]

See the contest details.

10-15-2013, 11:57 AM
The Forex Article Contest (http://forum.fxopen.com/showthread.php?94757-FXOpen-Launches-Forex-Article-Contest) came to an end on 15th October. It’s quite a new format of the competitions for FXOpen and it has been held by the company for the first time. According to the organizers’ opinion, the competition has become a success. And its participants’ activity is the best proof. The company’s press service received a number of Forex-relating articles. After their thorough assessment some of the authors have been recognized as FXOpen Top Forex Writers. Today we are ready to announce their names.

Let’s recall that to participate in the contest one had to write an article judged in any of the categories, being “Forex Theory” and “Forex Success Story.” There were certain requirements for each category. The compliance with those requirements was considered during the assessment of the submitted material and distribution of top places.

Forex Theory category has become a hit. We’ve been watching a real fight for victory. The authors have been competing for leadership by providing an interesting and valuable content, analyzing examples from their personal experience and presenting information in the form of charts, schemes, images. The winners have been determined by voting held in social networks, as well as on the basis of FXOpen representatives’ objective opinion:

Forex Theory:
1st place – US$500 – Rinat Zaynutdinov;
2nd place – US$250 – Aleksandr Semkin;
3rd place – US$150 – Ahmed Mohamed.

Forex Success Story:
1st place – US$250 – Triyono;
2nd place – US$100 – A. V. Lukyanchikov.

FXOpen would like to emphasize the activity of one of the contestants. Igor Titara has submitted 4 articles in the category “Forex Theory.” The company is willing to reward this participant for his enthusiasm and serious attitude to the competition. Igor Titara receives US$100 as an additional prize and the title of the most active participant.

Waheed Mughal is also awarded with US$100 as a randomly chosen voter for the submitted articles in FXOpen Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/FXOpenCompany). We recall that this prize has been aimed specifically for social network users voting for the contest articles. We’d like to mention that any participant of online voting could have become a lucky prize winner.

The prize money will be credited to the top writers’ ECN accounts opened with FXOpen.

The submissions of all participants are available in the relevant categories of the company’s blogs:

The company intends to go on with Forex Article Contest. The launch of the competition next round will be announced additionally. Follow the news.
FXOpen would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the winners and wish them new achievements!