View Full Version : Epassport Visa Debit Card V/S Payoneer Master Debit Card

12-05-2009, 01:04 PM
Its a glad news that FXOpen is going to release epassporte debit cards for live account holders. I just want to compare Epassporte (epassporte.com) debit card with Payoneer master debit card (payoneer.com). This thread has been posted to know members' opinion about it. Main differences are given below.

E passporte - Card Purchasing Fee - $35
Payoneer - Register and receive card free of cost anywhere in the world. $10 activation fee will be deducted from the account upon first load.

Epassporte Card Loading Fee - 5% of the total amount (Not sure about this)
Payoneer Card Loading Fee - $2 Per Loading (No percentage)

Epassporte Wire Transfer - Available with a fee of $50 per wire.
Payoneer Wire Transfer - Not Available.

Epassporte ATM Withdrawal Fee - $2 Per Withdrawal (Many restrictions for withdrawal).
Payoneer ATM withdrawal fee - ATM withdrawal - U.S. $1.35, outside U.S $2.15 Per Trx

EPassporte Visa Card Annual Fee US$35.00
Payoneer monthly fee - $3 ($36 yearly) (Applied for 1-4 transactions per month) $4 when transaction count is more than 4 per month)

Epassporte Card - Accepted my merchants world wide where VISA cards are accepted
Payoneer Card - Accepted my merchants world wide where Master cards are accepted

Please write your opinions for releasing Payoneer Card than Epassporte. Comments from management are much appreciated.

04-13-2010, 02:33 PM
does fxopen allow deposit and withdrawal via epassport?