View Full Version : 为什么我无法完成转帐

02-19-2008, 05:24 AM
-Bullion Merchant Interface
Transfer Funds From Account to Account (Step 1)

FXOpen - D44299
You are receiving this message because you may have forgotten to sign out of your account. Simply closing the browser when you are finished is not enough. Because of our stringent security procedures, your account will continue to be inaccessible for the next 15 minutes. To avoid this message in future, please always remember to sign out of your account before closing your browser window.
Transfer precious metal or e-Currency from one e-Bullion account to another.
Please enter your Account Number and Password.
If you are not a registered account holder, please go Open a New Account.
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(Password NOT required for CRYPTOCard Users)

Please enter the two words:

Amount of metal or e-Currency that you wish to transfer to merchant.
Amount: 25.00 USD$ worth of -- Select -- Gold Silver e-Currency USD
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02-19-2008, 12:04 PM
您好, 是eb的原因,因为你没有点sign out 退出你的帐户, 等待15分钟再重新登陆就好了.