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02-28-2018, 11:56 AM
How to generate your referral link.

FXOpen offers you the opportunity to generate your own referral link to attract new customers. You can place this link on your personal website, in a blog, insert it in your forum signature, etc.

Steps you should do to get this link:
- Log in to My FXOpen. (https://my.fxopen.com/en/Login?returnUrl=%2f)
- Select Partnership → Text links in the main menu.
- Customize your referral link:

Referral Links – enter the URL address of the page your referral link will lead to.
Text – type the text of your referral link.

Link type:
- Link – the URL of the link.
- Hidden Link. Use the Hidden Link code if you do not want users to know where your referral link will lead them to.
- Standard Link. Any browser will show the exact URL address of the referral link when you hover over it.


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