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FXOpen Cashback Program

FXOpen Cashback Program lets traders receive an additional refund for any kind of trades including loss-making. It is easy to get cashback: it is added to your Commission account (https://support.fxopen.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/1422/607/commission-account) that is open automatically, with no further actions. The cashback amount is determined in accordance with the total margin used on all client's trading accounts. The program is available for all types of FXOpen trading accounts: ECN, STP, Crypto, Micro, PAMM ECN, PAMM STP.

The 90-day Cashback program lets you receive an additional refund up to $1,000 for your trades. Available for all trading accounts


The advantages of FXOpen Cashback Program

- Cashback amount can reach up to 150% of Standard commission per trade. It is one of the highest refunds among Forex brokers.
- Cashback is fully automated. The funds are credited to the client's Commission account. They can be withdrawn or used for trading right after crediting.
- The program is activated automatically at the time of registration with no additional requests. It is valid throughout the 90 days.

To get more information on FXOpen Cashback Program, please visit our Knowledge base. (https://support.fxopen.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/1440/457/fxopen-cashback-program)

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