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04-21-2014, 02:21 PM
FXOpen is happy to announce that Forex Article Contest is back on track! The competition terms have been slightly modified – now you are invited to send your entries within the category “Cryptocurrency trading.” The launch of the contest is scheduled for April 24th, 2014. You are most welcome to join!


Latest changes

The changes in the contest terms have been entailed by the new concept of the tournament the organizers would like to follow. Considering the ever-growing interest of the Forex community in cryptocurrency trading that is observed in the market today, the organizers of the Forex Article contest wish to create a special environment for exchanging knowledge and experience in transacting in Bitcoins, Litecoins and other virtual currencies.

This sharing of relevant trading articles will help make the competition become a knowledge base on cryptocurrency specifics, enabling any trader to obtain valuable information.


There are 7 main prizes in the competition, making a total of US$1,300:

1st place – US$400
2nd place – US$300
3rd place – US$200
4th place – US$150
5th place – US$150
6th place – US$50
7th place – US$50

The articles will be published in the company’s official blog and will be announced in the social networks. Like before, there is also the People's Choice Award of US$100 to be given to the author of the most popular article in the social networks. Sign up, be the first to read your peers’ stories, and vote for the most interesting work! Your activity will help determine the winner in this category.


The contest starts on April 24th and will last till June 8th. The deadline for your entries is 4 pm on June 8th. Once the contest is closed, the expert judges (which include Forex analysts, representatives of the company’s financial and dealing departments, and the editorial staff) will decide on the winners (it might take time, so the results will be announced within a week after the end of the contest).

How-to-join procedure

To participate in the contest you need a trading account with FXOpen (http://www.fxopen.com/) (Registration (https://cabinet.fxopen.com/registration.aspx?Culture=en)) and an account on FXOpen Forum (http://forum.fxopen.com/) (Registration (http://forum.fxopen.com/register.php)).

Just e-mail your entry to [email protected] Be sure to provide your FXOpen eWallet number along with FXOpen Forum login, and write “FXOpen Article Contest” in the email subject line. If your work passes moderation, you will receive an e-mail confirming that your article has been accepted. It will be published in the company’s blog with a note indicating that your article is included in the contest. You will also be able to see the other contestants’ stories in the company’s blog (http://blog.fxopen.com/topics/forex-article-contest/).

Criteria for entries

The articles must be between 400 to 1,500 words and written in English.

For the work to be accepted, the article must not contain any promotional material, criticism or defamatory comments of other brokers and the services they provide. The submitted material should contain useful information to other traders and those new to Forex.

The entries must also contain quality content i.e., duplicate, previously published or plagiarised content, low-quality material, extremely short notes with no illustrations or ‘cut and paste’ articles will not be accepted.

Prize withdrawal

Prize money can be withdrawn via any payment system available within 30 days after it has been credited to the account. There should also be at least 20 trades made in the account.

The prizes will be added to the participant’s ECN or STP accounts registered in FXOpen.


FXOpen representatives reserve the right to judge the ranking of the competitors and will ensure that fair play is observed at all times. The company’s employees are not allowed to take part in the competition. The contest may be prolonged in case of insufficient number of quality works.

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05-26-2014, 08:37 AM
FXOpen is currently holding the 4th round of the Forex Article Contest. Launched on April 24th, the contest topic is Cryptocurrency Trading and is particularly appealing to the community of e-currency traders and to all those who follow the latest trends in the financial markets.


If you are interested in trading virtual currencies, this competition is for you! Here’s why:

The Forex Article Contest is a special environment for exchanging valuable personal knowledge and first-hand experience in transacting using digital money, e.g. Bitcoins, Litecoins, Peercoins, etc. By sharing your insights on cryptocurrency trading, you help other people expand their understanding of, and become more intelligent and competent in, this trading space. You also benefit by learning something new about e-money and its specifics from other traders’ experiences.

The Forex Article Contest is a chance to get free Bitcoins in exchange for your knowledge and experience. By writing an article on “Cryptocurrency Trading” and submitting it by June 8th, you could win one of the top 7 articles chosen by the expert judges. The prize money totaling US$1,300 will be shared among the 7 winners. It will be credited to an account of your choice: ECN, or STP, or Crypto. If you pick a Crypto account, your money will be converted into Bitcoins without additional commission. We think that chance alone is worth joining the contest, but there’s more!

The Forex Article Contest is a venue for making valuable contacts and establishing a long-lasting and mutually beneficial cooperation with FXOpen and co-traders alike. If you are new to the FXOpen services (http://www.fxopen.com/TradingTerms.aspx) or Forex as a whole, the contest will smoothly introduce you to the FX world and will open the door to numerous business opportunities in the foreign exchange markets.

Not to forget, there is also the People's Choice Award of US$100 that will be given to the author of the most popular article in the social networks. Who knows? You may win this category! All you need is to write useful material and send it to [email protected] by June 8th.

Best regards,
FXOpen NZ Limited
Customer Service
E-mail: [email protected]
FXOpen Live Chat (http://support.fxopen.com/visitor/index.php?/LiveChat/Chat) (24/5)

06-09-2014, 10:50 AM

FXOpen has announced that the deadline for submission of entries to the Forex Article Contest has been extended till July 7, 2014. So you have almost a month left to share your knowledge of cryptocurrency trading and become one of the odds-on favorites.

FXOpen is also pleased to present the contestants’ articles and the interim results in the corporate blogs:


Feel free to pose questions to the authors of the published materials.

The topic of this competition is “CryptoCurrency Trading.” In the articles, you can describe your personal experience in dealing with digital money or outline your position regarding the role of cryptocurrencies in the Forex market and their future or influence on the market dynamics.

The authors of the 7 best works will be awarded as follows:

1st place – US$400
2nd place – US$300
3rd place – US$200
4th place – US$150
5th place – US$150
6th place – US$50
7th place – US$50

Of course, there is the People's Choice Award of US$100 that will be given to the author of the most popular article in the social networks. Why not try your luck?

FXOpen welcomes everyone to this exciting Forex Article Contest. To join, please send your entries to [email protected] by 4 p.m. on July 7, 2014.

Read about the contest details and follow the discussion on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/FXOpenCompany) and Twitter. (https://twitter.com/FXOpenBroker)

Best regards,
FXOpen NZ Limited
Customer Service
E-mail: [email protected]
FXOpen Live Chat (http://support.fxopen.com/visitor/index.php?/LiveChat/Chat)(24/5)

07-10-2014, 08:47 AM
FXOpen Announces the Results of the CryptoCurrency Trading Forex Article Contest

FXOpen is pleased to announce the results of the recently concluded Forex Article Contest (http://blog.fxopen.com/exchange-your-knowledge-for-bitcoins-write-about-cryptotrading-within-forex-article-contest/). This summer competition’s topic was “CryptoCurrency Trading” and was open to everyone willing to share their knowledge of e-money transactions and their specifics.


The Top 7 authors whose articles were deemed exemplary by the expert judges are:

1st place – Rina Kustina (http://blog.fxopen.com/my-way-to-success-in-crypto-currency-trading/) – US$400
2nd place – Elena Puliaeva (http://blog.fxopen.ru/matematicheskij-podhod-k-torgovle-kriptovalyutami-v-terminale-mt4/) – US$300
3rd place – Deathop (http://blog.fxopen.com/cryptocurrency-trading/)– US$200
4th place – Kiril Ichetovkin (http://blog.fxopen.ru/formiruem-gramotny-j-invest-portfel-iz-valyutny-h-par-forex-tovarov-birzhevy-h-indeksov-i-kriptovalyut/) – US$150
5th place – Petar Kotevski (http://blog.fxopen.com/bitcoin-feeds-on-the-tears-of-altcoins/)– US$150
6th place – Aleksandr Semkin (http://blog.fxopen.ru/industriya-kriptovalyut-rannij-rynok/) – US$50
7th place – Dmitri Shishkin (http://blog.fxopen.ru/eti-zagadochnye-kriptovalyuty/) – US$50

The special People's Choice Award of US$100 goes to Zinchenko Valeriy (http://blog.fxopen.ru/molodaya-kriptovalyuta-bitcoin/). His article was the “most liked and shared” among the company’s followers in the social networks.

This round of the Forex Article Contest is, by far, the most difficult and complicated one. All of the participants had to adhere to the strict requirements with regard to the topic.

Cryptocurrency trading is a relatively new direction in the foreign exchange market. Therefore, there is little information out there regarding the role and influence of the digital money on market traders and on the industry as a whole. The articles submitted within the competition can be viewed as a valuable knowledge base for this emerging Forex trend.

FXOpen would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the participants who sent in their entries.

Read the contest articles in the company's blog (http://blog.fxopen.com/topics/forex-article-contest/).