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  1. The 65 percent price drop has made the 100 richest BTC addresses a lot more BTC
  2. Forum rules for publishing cryptocurrency news
  3. Crypto Trading Ban Downplayed by South Korea After Backlash
  4. Ripple twice as volatile as Bitcoin and Ethereum
  5. Crypto Prices Slip Despite South Korea Regulator's Better Deal Signal
  6. Crypto Market Cruises Past $500B, Bitcoin Nears $12,000
  7. Ripple Paper Pledges New Support for $40 Billion XRP
  8. Five reasons 2018 could be the best year yet for cryptocurrencies
  9. Litecoin Cash Forks But Cryptocurrency Investors Barely Notice
  10. After Facebook, Will Global Ad Regulators Reject ICOs?
  11. South Korea keeps investors guessing on cryptocurrency regulation
  12. World's largest asset manager says get ready to 'stomach complete losses' in crypto
  13. Bill Gates Says Cryptocurrencies Have Caused Deaths
  14. $35 Million Refund? Developer Appeals Ethereum for Hard Fork Hack Reversal
  15. China to Threaten Domestic Crypto Traders on Overseas Platforms: Report
  16. Germany Won't Tax You for Buying Coffee With Bitcoin
  17. 15,000 internet-connected devices could be hacked to mine $1,000 of cryptocurrency in
  18. Ripple rises 5% after CFTC allows employees to trade cryptocurrencies
  19. Chinese E-Commerce Giant JD Launches Blockchain Accelerator
  20. Goldman Sachs Official: Cryptocurrencies in ‘Current Format’ Are in a Bubble
  21. Moscow Court Rules Crypto Assets Cannot Be Seized For Debt Payment
  22. Bitcoin Dominance Hits Two-Month High as Crypto Market Declines
  23. Too Big to Fail? Tether Might Still Be Crypto's Ticking Time Bomb
  24. Ripple and Coinbase dominate the crypto rumour mill
  25. Auto Giant Behind Mercedes-Benz Launches Crypto Coin To Reward Eco-Friendly Driving
  26. Venezuelan Lawmakers Declare Petro Crypto Illegal
  27. SEC said Crypo must be regualted BTC surrender below 10,000$
  28. Bitcoin Drops Below $9K As Crypto Falls to 1-Month Low
  29. Bitcoin Drops 20% But Wasn't Week's Big Crypto Price Loser
  30. Finnish Crypto Exchange Risks Collapse As Banks Refuse To Do Business
  31. The firm behind the tradable GBTC launches four new ways to get exposure to bitcoin
  32. Crypto-Trading and ICOs Now Allowed in South Korea
  33. Google Clampdown on Cryptocurrency and ICO Advertising
  34. Bitcoin Drops Below $8K Amid Crypto Market Sell-Off
  35. G20 Reveals Names and Dates for Next Week's Crypto Talks
  36. Cryptocurrency Market Bounces Back on Positive G20 Watchdog Statements
  37. G20 Calls for Crypto Regulation Recommendations By July
  38. The UK Government Is Launching a Cryptocurrency 'Task Force'
  39. US Could Put Crypto Wallets on OFAC Sanctions List
  40. Bitcoin Falls on Fears of Regulatory Trouble for Big Crypto Exchange
  41. Taiwan Edges Toward Liberalizing Cryptocurrency As Other Asian Countries Tighten Rule
  42. IRS Reminds US Taxpayers to Report Crypto Earnings
  43. The Right Way to Think About Crypto Tokens
  44. Bitcoin price analysis: Can the bulls be lucky this time after the breakout
  45. Bitcoin Drops Below $8K Amid Crypto Market Slide
  46. 6,000 South Korean Outlets to Make Cryptocurrencies Available by Q2 2018
  47. AMD Bolsters Crypto Mining in Latest GPU Software Update
  48. Report: Two Japanese Crypto Exchanges to Shut Down
  49. Did Futures Markets Negatively Affect Bitcoin Price and the Entire Crypto Industry?
  50. Indeed: Bitcoin Price Retreat Weighs Heavily on Demand for Crypto Jobs
  51. Ethereum Drama, More Bans and Lawsuits: This Week in Crypto
  52. Google Bans Crypto Mining Browser Extensions
  53. Korea's Crypto Exchanges Pledge Market Cleanup
  54. Motherboard Maker ASRock Confirms Plan to Sell Crypto Miners
  55. RBI Bars Banks From Doing Business With Crypto Firms
  56. Petition To Reverse Indian Central Bank’s Crypto Ban Gains 17,000 Signatures
  57. Another Goldman exec dumps Wall Street for crypto world
  58. Japan Could Have More Than 3 Million Crypto Traders
  59. Bear Market 'Largely Over,' Crypto Fund Manager Claims
  60. The Winklevoss Brothers Just Won a Crypto Patent
  61. Cryptocurrency Markets Are Likely To Increase – Data Shows
  62. Brazilian Crypto Businesses, Exchanges Create “Rival” Cryptocurrency Associations
  63. Bloomberg: Barclays Asking Clients About Crypto Trading
  64. Binance, Bitfinex and More: NY Launches Inquiry Into Crypto Exchanges
  65. The Craigslist of Crypto Is Making Millions Where Bitcoin Is Needed Most
  66. Bitcoin Brushes $9,000 As Crypto Markets Continue Making Steady Gains
  67. ‘Uncertain’ Crypto Mining Demand Sees Taiwan Chipmaking Giant Lower Revenue Estimates
  68. Ethereum Price Roars Past $700 as Crypto Market Value Rivals That of Facebook
  69. “Bitcoin Is A Scam,” Claims Ousted CEO Of Paypal
  70. Nasdaq is open to becoming cryptocurrency exchange, CEO says
  71. What Crypto Investors Can Learn from Billionaire George Soros
  72. To HODL Or Not To HODL? Value Averaging Crypto Investments: Expert Take
  73. Crypto Markets Edge Back Into The Green After Mid-Week Correction
  74. Massive Hacks, VC Wars, and Governments Embrace Blockcain: This Week in Crypto
  75. Ethereum falls on report that the second-biggest cryptocurrency is under regulatory s
  76. Crypto Data Site CoinMarketCap Releases iOS Mobile App
  77. Bitcoin Price Due For 90% Price Correction In Mass Crypto Wipeout, Warns Investment B
  78. Major Cryptocurrencies Record Strong Gains, Ethereum Price up 7%, Bitcoin at $9,300
  79. Crypto Markets Keep Experiencing Mainly Green After Last Week’s Market Corrections
  80. Why Cryptocurrency Miners Are Trading Bitcoin Futures
  81. Korea to Relax Cryptocurrency Curbs Under New FSS Chief
  82. $35 Bln Wiped Off Crypto Markets As BTC Tests $10k, Only To Retreat
  83. Winklevoss Brothers Win Crypto Exchange Patent
  84. Nvidia Reports First Quarter Crypto Sales, Expects Two-Thirds Drop In Second Quarter
  85. Goldman Sachs banker waves goodbye to Wall Street’s security in search of crypto rich
  86. Women In Blockchain And Crypto: How To Tackle Gender Inequality
  87. Forex Platform Serving Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley Adds Crypto Trading
  88. European Central Bank’s Mersch Says Banks Should ‘Segregate’ Crypto Trading
  89. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Reaffirms Bullish Future on Bitcoin, Crypto as Global Payment
  90. Cryptocurrency investor names his favorite — and least favorite — digital currencies
  91. More Whales, Bans, and an Optimistic Cookie Monster: This Week in Crypto
  92. Circle Adds 'Buy the Market' Feature to Crypto Investment App
  93. John McAfee predicting huge surge in cryptocurrency prices
  94. The crackdown on cryptocurrencies is a good thing, say tradersRegulating cryptocurren
  95. $1.5 Million: Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Taylor Suffers 2,500 ETH Hack
  96. South African Authorities Investigate $80 Million Crypto Investment Scam
  97. Ethereum Drops 14% as Cryptocurrency Market Declines $14 Billion Overnight
  98. Traders With Pockets Full of Crypto Quit Wall Street
  99. “A Big Threat to Korean Exchanges” – Chinese Capital Floods Korean Crypto Markets
  100. Crypto Markets Gain $25 Bln Over the Week, Ethereum Price Above $600
  101. SBI Launches Japan's First Bank-Backed Crypto Exchange
  102. Ripple Donates $50 Mln to Universities to Support Blockchain, Crypto Education
  103. World’s Largest Crypto Exchange Binance Invests in Blockchain-Based Esports Platform
  104. Breaking: Coinbase ‘On Track’ to Receive SEC Registration, List Blockchain Securities
  105. Bitcoin swoons 10% after news of South Korea crypto exchange hack, leading a broad cr
  106. Crypto Market Rebounds as SEC Clarifies Bitcoin and Ethereum are Not Securities
  107. Bitcoin Price To Reach $60,000 in 2018 — Cryptocurrency Expert Remains Resolute
  108. Bitcoin jumps after New York approves Square's Cash app for crypto trading
  109. Breaking: South Korean Crypto Exchange Bithumb Hacked, Thieves Steal $30 Million
  110. Bitcoin Price Drop, Hacks, and FEC Regulations: This Week in Crypto
  111. Ukrainian Authorities Are Not Planning to Regulate Crypto Mining
  112. Crypto Market Sees Small Recoveries Among Top Ten Coins
  113. Bitcoin's Unknown 'Kings': The Magazine Mystery That's Got Crypto Guessing
  114. Zebpay Exchange Halts Fiat Ops as India Crypto Banking Ban Deadline Looms
  115. Experts Fear China Losing 90% Control Over Bitcoin Market, Forgetting Govt Ban
  116. Opera Becomes First Major Web Browser to Include Native Crypto Wallet
  117. Bitcoin is the best bet for cryptocurrency investors, says Wall Street trader
  118. Ripple is planning to upgrade the technology of the cryptocurrency
  119. Bitcoin extends gains as BlackRock looks into crypto and blockchain
  120. What to Expect When Congress Talks Crypto (Twice) Tomorrow
  121. Mastercard Had An Outage, So Crypto Had a Field Day
  122. Bitcoin just jumped above $8,000 and is now up 20% in one week
  123. The biggest crypto firm on Wall Street just took a $134 million loss on bitcoin's plu
  124. Bitcoin Price Headed to New Highs: Crypto Hedge Fund Manager Spencer Bogart
  125. Bitcoin Dips Below $7,500 аs Crypto Markets See Second Day of Losses
  126. Coinbase Adds British Pound for UK Crypto Users
  127. ‘No Coffee for Bitcoin,’ Starbucks Clarifies as Media Misrepresent Its New Crypto Ven
  128. WSJ: Organized Crypto ‘Trading Groups’ Manipulated Markets to Make $825 Million in 20
  129. Yale Research Proposes Factors for Crypto Price Prediction
  130. After a Catastrophic Week, Crypto Markets Rally Forth Into the Green
  131. How Crypto Reacted to This Week's SEC Bitcoin ETF Delay
  132. Ethereum’s falling price splits the crypto community
  133. Why the Cryptocurrency Bubble is Reminiscent of Hodling Amazon Stock: CoinShares CSO
  134. Another Top-5 Cryptocurrency Exchange Plots Move to Malta’s ‘Blockchain Island’
  135. Ripple Endorses 'Preferred' Crypto Exchanges for XRP Payments
  136. Bitcoin buster? The search for a more stable cryptocurrency
  137. Markets See Red Following BTC ETF Rejections, News of Anti-Crypto Measures in China
  138. Interview: Coinbase UK CEO Explains Why a Lack of Regulation is the Biggest Problem F
  139. Bitcoin Continues to Hover Near $7K, Wider Crypto Market Sees Some Mild Corrections
  140. Hyperbitcoinization: How Currency Crises Are Driving Nations to Crypto
  141. Bitcoin Flat; Japan Tightens Registration Process for Crypto Exchanges
  142. In a Mixed Crypto Market, Bitcoin Inches Upward but Ethereum Remains Shy of $300
  143. Crypto Prices Mixed; China Steps Up Pressure on Domestic Crypto Activities
  144. Crypto Mining Accepted as an Industry by Iranian Authorities
  145. Bitcoin Rises as Philippines Likely to Legalize Crypto Exchanges
  146. Crypto Crash: Bitcoin Under $6,500 Again; Manipulation, Accumulation or Cleanse?
  147. Market-Wide Losses Intensify in Second Day of Major Crypto Price Plummet
  148. Crypto Should Be Regulated by Common EU Policy, Special Report Urges Member-States
  149. Majority of Investors Want to Buy More Digital Currency in 2018, Survey Shows
  150. SEC Hires, Exchange Rumors, and Bitcoin Price Woes: This Week in Crypto
  151. Crypto Markets See Another Wave of Red, Despite Bullish News From Major Industry Play
  152. Tezos Price Nears 12% Spike on a Bearish Day for Crypto Markets
  153. “Crypto Isn’t Dead” — Bitcoin Hits $6,400, Altcoins Follow
  154. Mexican State Bank Announces Stricter Rules for Crypto Exchanges
  155. New Dawn: Asia Is Getting Its First Ever Crypto Visa Card
  156. Binance CEO Zhao: Crypto Market Will ‘Absolutely’ Grow 1000x and More
  157. OTC Bitcoin Trading in Russia is Becoming More Active, Like China
  158. How Ethereum Hackathons are Drastically Improving Blockchain Systems
  159. Good Crypto News: What It All Means
  160. Crypto Markets See Mixed Signals as Total Market Cap Holds Position
  161. Cryptojacking: Attackers Hijack Indian Government Websites to Mine Cryptocurrency
  162. Crypto Markets Drop Sharply, Ethereum Loses Week’s Earlier Gains
  163. Bitcoin Appetite: Nasdaq is Acquiring Crypto-Friendly Swedish Exchange Cinnober
  164. Bitcoin Hashrate Soars while Ethereum Sees Drop in Mining Activity
  165. UK Treasury Committee Calls for End to ‘Wild West Situation’ in Crypto Market
  166. Fidelity Investments Aims to Release Crypto Products by Year End
  167. NY Crypto Exchange Report Bearish for Bitcoin ETF Plans
  168. Crypto Exchange Zaif Hacked In $60 Million, 6,000 Bitcoin Theft
  169. How the Recent $60 Million Crypto Hacking Attack Will Impact Japanese Market
  170. Ripple Surges by 36% in 48 Hours as Crypto Market Adds $2 Billion
  171. Blockchain for 35 Million Users: Korea’s Biggest Insurance Firm SK Partners With ICON
  172. Massive Hacks, Price Targets and a Bitcoin ETF: This Week in Crypto
  173. This Off-Grid, Solar-Powered System Sends Crypto Through Radio Waves
  174. Brazil’s Biggest Brokerage Processes Bitcoin Trades, Gov’t Supportive
  175. Juventus Soccer Club Is Launching a Crypto Token to Give Fans a 'Voice'
  176. Interview: TechCrunch Editor-at-Large Josh Constine Talks Cryptocurrency
  177. Cryptocurrency Prices Highly Correlated to Regulatory Action: Central Bank Report
  178. Congressional Crypto Roundtable: Panel Discusses Token Classification and Compliance
  179. Cryptocurrencies Bullish as Bitmain Confirms IPO Plan in Hong Kong
  180. Ripple and Bitcoin Cash Gain 20% as Crypto Market Adds $12 Billion
  181. The Last Frontier: Robinhood’s Commission-Free Crypto Trading Goes to Alaska
  182. Why the Crypto Market Will Likely Rally by the End of 2018: Experts Discuss
  183. Crypto Markets Continue Rise With Market Cap Reaching Over $220 Billion
  184. Major Indian Bitcoin Exchange Zebpay Shuts Down Due to Banking Freeze
  185. Chinese Bitcoin Billionaire Unexpectedly Exits Crypto Industry, Controversy Ensues
  186. How Binance Decentralized Crypto Exchange Beta Launch in 2019 Will Impact the Market
  187. Stellar-Based Zero-Fee Decentralized Crypto Exchange StellarX Is Now Fully Launched
  188. Report: Institutional Investors the Largest Buyers of Crypto Transactions Over $100K
  189. Revealed: How Many Coins Are in the Best-Performing Crypto Portfolios
  190. Report: Coinbase Negotiation Could Value Crypto Exchange at $8 Billion
  191. Tether Price Falls on Crypto Exchanges: How Will it Affect Bitcoin?
  192. Countries are Fighting to Appeal to Crypto Businesses: Sign of Massive Demand
  193. Abra Now Lets You Invest in a Cryptocurrency Index Fund Token
  194. Crypto Markets Stay Mostly Stagnant Despite This Week’s Major News for Industry
  195. Research Says Crypto Market on Verge of ‘Implosion,’ Cites Low Transaction Volumes
  196. Crypto Markets See Sharp Drop-Off on the Day, Bitcoin Dips Below $6,300
  197. Nearly $13 billion wiped off of cryptocurrency market as major coins plunge
  198. Humans to Become Nearly Redundant in Crypto Trading
  199. Crypto Market Keeps Its Balance After Recent Sell-Off, Bitcoin Above $6,300
  200. Crypto Payment Service BitPay Launches Settlement in USDC, GUSD
  201. Stablecoins All Want to Be $1, But They're Not Worth the Same
  202. Bitcoin price DOWN despite sudden huge price SURGE after launch of key crypto busines
  203. Debunked: How Nouriel Roubini Failed to Attack Crypto with Cherrypicked Data
  204. Crypto Accepted as Payment for Elon Musk’s Flamethrower, No More ETH Giveaways
  205. Report: Blockchain and Crypto Industries See Growing Demand for Talent
  206. Dark Web Dealer ‘OxyMonster’ Forfeits $700,000 in Crypto with 20-Year Prison Term
  207. Bitcoin Futures Could Go Live on ICE's Crypto Trading Platform in December
  208. 'Shark Tank': This app turns your spare change into bitcoin — and Kevin O'Leary inves
  209. Bitcoin Stash Planning Hard Fork From Bitcoin Cash
  210. The Next 10 Years: Crypto Market to Eclipse $20 Trillion as Bitcoin’s Influence Fades
  211. Cryptocurrency ‘Illegal’ In India Says Trade Organization Head
  212. Crypto Markets Keep Seeing Minor Fluctuations, Price Changes Mostly Around One Percen
  213. Survey: 60% of Americans Think Crypto Should Be Treated as Fiat in Political Campaign
  214. Banks Spark Crypto Crackdown Fear in Panama
  215. Crypto Price Tracker Poses Malware Threat for Macs: Report
  216. Russian Industrialist Union to Create Arbitration Board for Crypto-Related Disputes
  217. Brazilian Tax Regulator Publishes Draft on Cryptocurrency Taxation
  219. Report: Swiss Financial Watchdog Recommends Banks Set Crypto Risk Coverage at 800%
  220. You Can Now Use Crypto to Take out a Real Mortgage on Virtual Land
  221. Crypto Markets See Visible Drop Off as Major Coins Are in The Red
  222. Activists Use Crypto to Protect ‘Rap Against Dictatorship’ from Government Censorship
  223. Swiss Crypto Firm Gets Islamic Finance Certification for Sharia-Compliant Stablecoin
  224. $3 Billion Deleted From Crypto Market as Major Digital Assets Perform Poorly
  225. Poll: Interest in Crypto as Payment Method Makes Small Inroads Among Moscow Residents
  226. Binance Warns Iranian Traders to Withdraw Crypto Amid Sanctions
  227. Could Switzerland’s Crypto ETP Increase the Chance of a Bitcoin ETF Approval?
  228. A Historically Strong Month for Crypto, November Is Off to a Brutal Start
  229. Tom Lee Maintains $15,000 Year-End BTC Prediction Despite Market Crash
  230. Crypto Venture Capital Exec Compares Bitcoin to Post Dot-Com Bubble Amazon
  231. China: Crypto Miners Sell off Mining Devices ‘by Kilo’ Amidst Market Decline
  232. Bitcoin Slips Below $4,000, EOS Overtakes Bitcoin Cash as Markets Plunge
  233. Billionaire Tim Draper Unfazed By Bitcoin Crash, Boldly Vows Crypto Will Surpass Fiat
  234. Malaysia’s Finance Minister: Crypto Regulation to be Enforced in Q1 2019
  235. Crypto Surges $23 Billion amid US Stock Market Recovery: Direct Correlation?
  236. Top 5 Crypto Performers Overview: TRON, Litecoin, XEM, Bitcoin, Ethereum
  237. Legendary Venture Capitalist: “We’re Close to a Crypto Nuclear Winter”
  238. Thai Crypto Exchange Satang Plans to Raise $10 Million in Security Token Offering
  239. Crypto Market Loses $6 Billion in Big Downtrend, is $3,000 Bitcoin Unavoidable?
  240. ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath,’ Waiting for Bitcoin ETF Says SEC ‘Crypto Mom’
  241. More Chinese Miners Selling Short Following Crypto Market Slump
  242. Major UK Charity Fund Executive Believes Crypto Market Crash Is ‘Just a Bump in the R
  243. Why Billionaire Investors Still Remain Positive on Long-Term Trend of Crypto
  244. Bitcoin’s Share of the Crypto Market Is Nearing a 3-Month High
  245. OKEx Crypto Exchange Lists Bitcoin Cash ABC Under Original Bitcoin Cash Ticker
  246. South Korean Crypto Exchange Launches Ripple-Based Blockchain Remittance Service
  247. Crypto Markets See Modest Gains, Bitcoin Rises Above $3,400
  248. Bitcoin Price Near $3,400, Wider Crypto Markets See Another Mild Slump
  249. Crypto Winter? Winklevoss Twins Say They’re ‘Totally at Home’ in this Market Climate
  250. US Crypto Exchange Coinbase Introduces Digital Asset Conversions