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  1. Bitcoin Analysis
  2. Bitcon is not so volatility after CBOE start
  3. How to trade Bitcoin?
  4. 9 Tips for picking a killer cryptocurrency investment
  5. Bitcoin Price Tests $10,000 as Market Cracks $475 Billion
  6. Bitcoin Eyes $12,000 in South Korea as Demand For Cryptocurrency Market Rises
  7. Bitcoin Cash BCH/USD Analysis
  8. Bitcoin Cash Climbs 0.04% In Rally
  9. Another Rough Month For Bitcoin And Peers
  10. Are Bitcoin And Gold Bottoming?
  11. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Bullish Breakout Finally Happening?
  12. Bitcoin [BTC/USD] Technical Analysis: Bull run imminent as coin rides the green wave
  13. Bitcoin [BTC/USD] Technical Analysis: Cryptocurrency happy to move sideways after pri
  14. Bitcoin [BTC] Technical Analysis: Bitcoin falls under the bear’s spell
  15. Bitcoin Approaches $3,600 Again as Top Cryptocurrencies See Gains
  16. Bitcoin [BTC/USD] Technical Analysis: Cryptocurrency stumbles on the bear speed-break
  17. Bitcoin [BTC/USD] Technical Analysis: Bears take over the coin’s future
  18. Bitcoin Hovers Near $3,630 as Top Cryptos See Minor Losses
  19. Bitcoin [BTC/USD] Price Analysis: Token tries to escape the red zone as prices stagna
  20. Bitcoin Will Soon See ‘Bull Cross’ in First Since August 2018
  21. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: Upside Break Inevitable Above $3,900
  22. Bitcoin Price Analysis - Can BTC Reach $5,000 In April 2019?
  23. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Rallies Above $4,000 Once Again, Generating Optimism
  24. Bitcoin Showing Signs of Strength As BTC Price Targets Fresh Highs
  25. Bitcoin [BTC] and Litecoin [LTC] Price Analysis: Bullish phase in the offing as coins
  26. Bitcoin (BTC) Trend Overwhelmingly Positive As Bulls Eye $5,400
  27. Bitcoin (BTC) Holding Crucial Support: Fresh Increase Likely
  28. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Near Crucial Juncture With Bulls In Control
  29. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Near Crucial Juncture: Can Bulls Gain Traction?
  30. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Flirts With Key Resistance: Upside Break Possible
  31. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Signaling Bullish Continuation Above $5,400
  32. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Flirting With Key Support: Fresh Rise Likely
  33. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Primed To Break $8.5K, Dips Remain Supported
  34. Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Is Fighting For $8000
  35. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Targets Additional Gains: Dips Remain Supported
  36. Strong Barriers at $8,500, But Bitcoin (BTC) Bulls Are Steadfast
  37. Bitcoin Price Analysis: Two Bullish Indicators Are Flashing at $8K
  38. Bitcoin Price Analysis BTC / USD: Five Digits Incoming
  39. Bitcoin Touched $9100 Before Plunging $1100 – Two Things to Be Worried About
  40. Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bitcoin (BTC) Can Cross The $10,000 Milestone In June
  41. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: This Pattern Keeps Showing Up
  42. Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD slides below historical EMA21 support
  43. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Turns Bearish: Bulls Could Face Resistance Near $7,800
  44. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Approaching Next Break: Bullish or Bearish?
  45. Bitcoin Trend Overwhelmingly Bullish: Dips In BTC Remain Supported
  46. Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Falls into 2018 Bear Market Pattern
  47. Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD continues its rollercoaster ride
  48. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Hits First Target: $12.5K Now In Sight
  49. Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD locked in a symmetrical triangle
  50. Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD bulls take revenge, rush towards $13,000
  51. Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Had A Bad Day And Might Have Affected Other Altcoins
  52. Bitcoin Price (BTC) Tumbles 15%: $8,880 Bearish Target In Sight
  53. Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD consolidates ahead of the next leg up to $11,000
  54. Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Drops Heavily; Breaks Even Below $9950
  55. Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD glances towards pivotal $10,000 milestone
  56. Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Breaks Below $9500; is it Eyeing Even Lower at $8000?
  57. Bitcoin Price (BTC/USD) Signaling Bullish Acceleration Above $10,500
  58. Bitcoin Price (BTC/USD) Could Hit $12.2K Amid Strong Technical Bias
  59. Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Takes Two Steps Back from $12,000
  60. Bitcoin price analysis: It will take a catalyst to pull BTC/USD out of $9,500 - $10,0
  61. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Could Accelerate If It Breaks $10,600
  62. Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Makes a 6.23% Cut and Falls Below $10,000
  63. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Near Inflection Point: Bears Remain In Control
  64. Bitcoin Breaking Down Below $10,000
  65. Bitcoin Price Faces Third Monthly Loss of 2019
  66. Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD recovery stalls under $10,000
  67. Bitcoin price prediction: BTC/USD crosses $10,000 but faces heavy resistance levels
  68. Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD inches closer to $10,500 amid growing selling pressur
  69. Bitcoin Price: 2 Bullish Crosses Suggest a New 2019 High Is in Play
  70. Bitcoin price analysis: Weekend session fails to break $11k; BTC/USD defends $10,200
  71. Bitcoin Price (BTC) Remains In Steady Corrective Decrease
  72. Bitcoin Price (BTC) Approaching Next Break, $10,250 Holds Key
  73. BTC/USD technical analysis: Bitcoin needs to break out of this range
  74. Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD mundane trading could pave the way for gains towards
  75. BTC/USD technical analysis: Intraday price action remains weak as 10k is defended aga
  76. Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD dumps as Bakkt post $600,000 Bitcoin futures sales
  77. Bitcoin Price (BTC) Decline Far From Over, Bears Eye $7.5K
  78. Bitcoin Price (BTC) Staging Another Dip Before It Could Recover
  79. Bitcoin Price (BTC) Remains Vulnerable Below $8,500
  80. Bitcoin Price (BTC) Primed For Lift-Off Towards $8,800
  81. Bitcoin Price (BTC) Downside Thrust Underway Before Fresh Rise
  82. Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD increasing selling activities endanger $7,700 key sup
  83. Bitcoin Price (BTC) Rebounding But $8.5K Resistance Holds Key
  84. Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC/USD Testing Short-Term Triangle Top
  85. Bitcoin technical analysis: BTC/USD not bothered by BTC ETF's rejection, all eyes on
  86. Bitcoin price prediction: BTC/USD hunting for a breakout – Confluence Detector
  87. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Hesitates But Fresh Rebound Seems Likely
  88. Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Signaling Bearish Continuation
  89. Bitcoin Prices Drop As Market Suffers Multiple Headwinds
  90. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Eyeing Another Leg Higher To $8,500
  91. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Approaching Key Support, Bears Back In Action
  92. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Steadies Uptrend But Another Correction Likely
  93. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Likely Positioned For Next Rally
  94. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Stable Above $9K But Can It Climb Again?
  95. Bitcoin technical analysis: BTC/USD consolidating ahead of a potential explosive out
  96. Bitcoin’s Price Hovers Above $9,300, While Stellar Shows 20% Gains
  97. Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD must break down $9200-9800 range or be punished
  98. Latest Bitcoin price and analysis (BTC to USD)
  99. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Turned Sell On Rallies Towards $9K
  100. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Eyeing Fresh Monthly Low Below $8.5K
  101. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Poised for Declines Unless It Breaks $9K
  102. Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC/USD Next Downside Targets?
  103. Bitcoin (BTC) Relatively Muted; Support Estimated Near $8.2K
  104. Bitcoin (BTC) Remains Sell Until This Changes
  105. Bitcoin technical analysis: BTC/USD sellers are knocking on the door of a devastating
  106. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Hesitates But Further Downsides Seem Likely
  107. Bitcoin technical analysis: BTC/USD bulls ignore the slump to $7,400 to focus the pot
  108. BTC/USD Technical Analysis: Bitcoin finds support at the channel low and now looks to
  109. Bitcoin (BTC) Hesitates But Further Recovery Above $7.2K Seem Likely
  110. Bitcoin (BTC) Shows Signs of Important Reversal To $8K
  111. Bitcoin (BTC) Resilience Pauses But Not Out of Woods Yet
  112. Bitcoin Analysis: BTC/USD Bulls and Bears in a Fierce as Price Surges to $7,400 USD
  113. Bitcoin (BTC) Relatively Muted, Signs of Further Weakness
  114. Bitcoin (BTC) Trend Overwhelmingly Negative, Continue Selling?
  115. Bitcoin (BTC) Could Rise Again Before Fresh Monthly Low
  116. Bitcoin Price Analysis: Why $7,200 still beckons?
  117. Bitcoin (BTC) Target Fresh Monthly High or Even $8K
  118. Bitcoin (BTC) Price Downside Thrust Underway, Bulls Struggling
  119. Bitcoin (BTC) Breakdown Below $7K Likely, $6.5K Could Be Next
  120. Bitcoin (BTC) Breakdown Below $7K Looms, Can Bulls Bounce Back?
  121. Bitcoin technical analysis: Examining BTC/USD’s plunge below $7,000
  122. Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Short, medium and long term
  123. Bitcoin (BTC) Above $7,500 Would Make Case for Larger Rally
  124. Here’s How Bitcoin Price Could Hit $20,000 By as Early as March: Analyst
  125. Bitcoin Rallies 5% To Clear Hurdles, Bulls Aiming $8K
  126. Bitcoin Trading Near Make-or-Break Levels, 100 SMA Holds Key
  127. Bitcoin Downside Thrust Possible Before Key Reversal
  128. Bitcoin Rally Pauses But Not Likely Over, Bulls Aim $8K
  129. Bitcoin Bulls Not Out of Woods, Wait For Break Above $7.5K
  130. Bitcoin Starts 2020 With Bearish Bias But Downsides Remain Limited
  131. Bitcoin Bears Rejected $7,300, Price Vulnerable Below $7K
  132. Bitcoin Just Reversed And Its Likely Heading $7,400
  133. Why Bitcoin Bulls Need To Be Cautious As Price Approaches $7.8K-8K
  134. Bitcoin Daily Chart Indicates It Is Going Parabolic To $9K and $10K
  135. Bitcoin Starts Corrective Decrease But Bulls Not Out Of Woods Yet
  136. Bitcoin Is In Steep Downtrend, But This Variable Can Trigger A New Rally
  137. This Key Sign Shows Bitcoin Bulls Are Accumulating: Important Levels to Watch
  138. 3 Reasons Why Bitcoin’s Rally to $8,500 May Soon End
  139. Bitcoin Forming Double Top And It’s Vulnerable Below $8,500
  140. Bitcoin Short Sellers Are in Big Trouble For This Reason, And Strong Rally is to Ensu
  141. Bitcoin Is Plunging, But It’s Too Early To Say Bulls Have Given Up
  142. Bitcoin Price Won’t Go Down Quietly: Risk of Bounce Grows
  143. Bitcoin Just Saw A Key Technical Breakout: Big Reaction From Bulls Imminent
  144. Bitcoin Just Slid Under $8,500: Price Must Hold This Level to Satisfy Bulls
  145. $9,500: Bitcoin Bulls Aim Big After Recent Surge Above $8,500
  146. $9,500 is Imminent For Bitcoin Despite 5% Intraday Gain: Here’s Why
  147. Bitcoin Hits $9,400 In Vertical Rally, But It’s At Risk of A Violent Pullback
  148. Bitcoin Climbs Above 9,514.5 Level, Up 2%
  149. Bitcoin Surges to $9,600: Here’s Why a Bigger Price Explosion Is Expected
  150. Bitcoin Climbs Above 9,323.4 Level, Up 0.12%
  151. Bitcoin Is Diving But The Bulls Won’t Give Up Easily: Key Levels To Watch
  152. Bitcoin Price Analysis: Why $9,600 Is The Ultimate Support For BTC/USD Bounce
  153. Bitcoin Above $10K Is Looming And It Could Spark A Massive Stop Hunt & Rally
  154. Bitcoin Dips on Profit-taking but Fundamentals Show Its Parabolic Rally is Not Finish
  155. Bitcoin Won’t Surge Past $11k Just Yet: Indicators Show Vulnerability to Short-Term C
  156. Bitcoin Is on the Brink of a Far Reaching Selloff if it Breaks $9,600
  157. Bitcoin Above $10,200 Make Case For Larger Rally In Steep Short-Term Reversal
  158. Bitcoin Just Signaled “Sell” And It’s Vulnerable to a Massive Correction
  159. Bitcoin Just Plunged From $10k, But This Data Shows Bulls Are Still in Control
  160. This Critical Bitcoin Short-Term Top is Sparking Big Correction Fears
  161. Bitcoin Just Saw A Key Technical Breakdown: Here’s Why BTC Could Dive Below $9K
  162. Bitcoin is Recovering, But This Key Data Shows Bears Are Still Well in Control
  163. Bitcoin is Showing Early Signs of Fresh Rally, But 100 SMA is the Key
  164. This Indicator Just Signaled Buy For Bitcoin, Setting Up Rebound to $9k
  165. Bitcoin Bullish Reversal Held Off As Bulls Fail To Defeat $9k Resistance
  166. Bitcoin Lacks Momentum Above $9k: Here’s Why Bulls Are Comfortable
  167. Bitcoin Just Broke $8K: Here Are Important Supports Traders Must Watch
  168. This Pattern Could Send Bitcoin To $8,200 Where Bears Are Waiting
  169. Do or Die For Bitcoin Bulls: Here’s What Could Trigger Short Term Rebound
  170. Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC/USD in a Deadlock as the Coin Consolidates
  171. Bitcoin Price Drops to $3,637, Rebounds Above $5,200 Within Minutes
  172. Bitcoin Is Forming a Double Top At $6,000, And Now At Risk Of a Big Drop
  173. Bitcoin Above 100 SMA Could Spark A Fresh Run Towards $6,000
  174. Here’s Why Bitcoin Bears Must Wait for $6K Considering A Correction Is Due
  175. Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC/USD Is Ranging as It Is Stuck Between $4,400 and $6,000
  176. Bitcoin Price Turns Bullish as Traders Fight to Flip $6,400 to Support
  177. Here’s Why Bitcoin Bulls Aim Larger Rally Above $7K In Near Term
  178. Bitcoin Price Facing New ‘Death Cross’ Suggests No $10K BTC Before May
  179. Bitcoin Price Falls Below $6,000 on Declining Trading Volume
  180. Bitcoin Just Rejected $6,600 and Its Vulnerable To a Short-Term Correction
  181. Bitcoin Holding Crucial Support: Here’s What Could Propel it to $7K
  182. Bitcoin Forming Another Bullish Breakout Pattern and It Could Rally To $7.2K
  183. Here’s Why Bitcoin Could Correct To $6.5K Before A Fresh Rally
  184. Bitcoin Hesitates But These Indicators Suggest Break Above $7K Is Looming
  185. Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC/USD Breaks above $7,000 Resistance
  186. Why Bitcoin Price Abruptly Reversed From a Plunge to $7,000
  187. Bulls Beware: Bitcoin Could Dive After This Key Technical Breakdown
  188. Bitcoin Tanks Under $7,000 After Rallying 100% From Bottom: What’s Next?
  189. Bitcoin Turned ‘Sell’ After A Key Technical Rejection Above $7K
  190. Bitcoin Lacks Momentum Above 100 SMA: Here’s Why Bears Are Comfortable
  191. Bitcoin Showing Signs of Recovery But This Trend Line Could Be Game Changer
  192. Bitcoin Vulnerable For Bigger Decline To $6K After This Technical Rejection
  193. Bitcoin Is Still In Larger Downtrend Unless It Clears 100-Day SMA
  194. Bitcoin is Consolidating Above 100 SMA and Likely Gearing For Lift-off To $8K
  195. Bitcoin Shows Signs of Reversal; But $6,550 Shows Bullish Case Remains Intact
  196. Bitcoin Poised For Short Term ‘Sell’ as Buyers Take Last Stand at $6,550
  197. Bitcoin Price is Primed For Upsurge to $8,000 And Only 1 Thing is Holding it Back
  198. Bitcoin Rally At Risk of Screeching Halt at $8K as 100-Day SMA Approaches
  199. Bitcoin Is Losing Bullish Momentum: Technicals Show A Correction At $8K
  200. Bitcoin Breaking This Single Level Will Spark a Pre-Halving Rally
  201. Bitcoin Rallies 15% And It’s Now And Primed To Hit $9.5k: Technicals Show
  202. Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC/USD Is Above $9,200, a Rally to $10,000 Is Likely
  203. Bitcoin Primed To Test $10,500 as Bulls Take Over Crypto Market
  204. Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC/USD tumbles days to halving, is a reversal to $10,000 in
  205. Technicals Suggest Bitcoin Needs To Clear $9,100 For Hopes of a Fresh Rally
  206. Bitcoin Breaking 100 SMA and $9,100 Could Spark Fresh Bull Run
  207. Bitcoin Smashes Heavy Resistance: Here’s What Could Propel It To $10,000
  208. Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC/USD Stays Above 9,500; Could This Be A Way To Higher
  209. Bitcoin Poised To Surge Above $10K If It Holds This Crucial Support
  210. Bitcoin price chart analysis: Stabilization above $10,000 required
  211. Bitcoin Seems Few Steps Away From A Picture Perfect Resistance Smashing
  212. Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC/USD Continues to Consolidate Below the $10,000 Level
  213. Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC/USD Touches $8,788
  214. Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC/USD Moves Below $9,100; Price May Return to Bearish Zon
  215. Bitcoin Must Break $9,100 To Avoid A Major Downtrend: Here’s Why
  216. Bitcoin Plunge To $8,200 Seems Likely, As Technical Indicators Turn Red
  217. Bitcoin Retakes $9K — 3 Technical Reasons There’s Still Room to Run
  218. Bitcoin Price Rallies to $9.6K as Record CME BTC Contracts Expiry Looms
  219. Bitcoin Above $9,750 Would Make Case for Larger Rally: Here’s Why
  220. Bitcoin Holds Strong at $9,300 But Turns Vulnerable For Bigger Decline
  221. These Factors Show Bitcoin Could Soon Explode Above $10,000
  222. Bitcoin Rebounds Sharply: Here’s Why 100 SMA Could Trigger More Gains
  223. Bitcoin Could End Current Consolidating With A Strong Rally To $10,500
  224. Bitcoin Price Analysis: Another Failed Attempt At $10K
  225. Bitcoin Could Teleport Straight to $8,000; Here’s What Traders are Saying
  226. Bitcoin Price Prediction: Bitcoin (BTC) Can Possibly Return to $14k
  227. There’s a $10+ Million Sell Wall At $9,400 Preventing a Bitcoin Rally
  228. Bitcoin Smashes Key Resistance: Here’s Why BTC Could Revisit $10,000
  229. Bitcoin Hesitates But This Technical Breakout Suggests Gains Above $9,800
  230. 4 Reasons Bitcoin Price Suddenly Slid Below $9K, Liquidating $55M
  231. Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC/USD May Break out as the Price Hovers Around $9,327
  232. Bitcoin Is Recovering But $9,300 Could Trigger A Fresh Decline
  233. Bitcoin Could Recover Significantly And Only 1 Thing Is Holding It Back
  234. Bitcoin Flirts With Key Resistance
  235. Bitcoin Faces Another Rejection And It’s Vulnerable to a Drop Below $9K
  236. Bitcoin Just Saw A Key Technical Breakout: Big Reaction From Bulls Likely
  237. Technicals Suggest Bitcoin Likely To Target Fresh Monthly High Above $9,400
  238. Bitcoin Is Easily Outdoing Gold This Year