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  12. [Question] The real reasons people join forex?
  13. [Question] Why FXopen Forum is most Popular than other forum?
  14. [Question] Forex trading is only for earning or learning also.
  15. [Question] Is learning better before earning?
  16. [Question] Small profit is better or not than any big loss?
  17. [Question] Forex is the Secondary or Primary earning source?
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  22. [Question] Which analysis is better for Forex Fundamental or Technical, and why?
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  24. [Question] Is Demo trading essential for starting real trading?
  25. [Question] Our Loss Trade is our Lesson?
  26. [Question] The easiest way to win in forex?
  27. [Q] Can any country government take necessary action to prepared expert trader?
  28. [Q] Need to be full time forex?
  29. [Q] For improving trading skills, Demo contest is the best way?
  30. [Q] knowledge or experiences which one is important for making profit from forex?
  31. [Q] Forex trading is easy but hard to make profit.
  32. [Q] Trade with your plane or plane on your trade.?
  33. [Q] For getting success in Forex hard working or intelligence which one important?
  34. Which trade is best for all trader "long trade or short trade"?
  35. For real trading experiences,which account is suitable Demo or cent account?
  36. The easiest way to win in forex?
  37. Do you think that forex is risky?
  38. Health is for wealth or wealth is for health?
  39. No risk, no gain in forex?
  40. loss is the our opportunity for making profit?
  41. Why forex quickly taken more attention in recent years?
  42. Do you believe ,we may be poor by Forex trading?
  43. Get small gains in its operations, does not accept it?
  44. [Q]For Forex trading every trader use indicator, Is indicator really helpful for us?
  45. Because there is so much interest in the forex?
  46. What is backtesting in Forex Trading platform and why should you do it?
  47. Forex trading can change our lifestyle?
  48. Honestly can trade currencies without emotions?
  49. Can anybody explain what we are really buying and selling in the Currency Market
  50. Forex is just for men?
  51. Forex is the only source of money production?
  52. Will you quit your job to trade forex?
  53. Traders must use dual internet connection while trading , do you agree with me ?
  54. Meditation to keep our mind under control, will this bring confirmed profits in the f
  55. Think forex will end someday?
  56. You can actually be calm, relaxed When your position is open?
  57. What exactly controls the Foreign Exchange Market
  58. Actually the use of stop loss?
  59. Confidence is always required to become a successful trader, Agree or not ?
  60. Can any individual influence the Foreign Exchange Market?
  61. Which currency pair trade is better for Forex Trade?
  62. Are you frustrated being forex trader ?
  63. How to make trading profitable in forex?
  64. Can we depend in forex for long career?
  65. What is important of trading system?
  66. Why traders become confused between BUY and SELL ?
  67. Forex trading business a game of mindset or highly complicated business. ?
  68. Do you think That forex trading is an addiction?‏
  69. Are there any conditions to be a successful trader?
  70. 99% trader lose there first investment in Forex, Why?
  71. Can any individual influence the Foreign Exchange Market?
  72. Which Timeframe is the best to test a strategy?
  73. When and how you heard about the forex market?
  74. Why is it so easy to join Forex and very hard to quit even while making loss?
  75. When do you feel afraid in Forex?
  76. Is there any limit of earning from forex?
  77. How to minimize our loses?
  78. Why do mostly people hate forex?
  79. Why most of the traders don't remain confident about their profits ?
  80. Why forex is so popular business?
  81. Haste make waste in forex?
  82. Newbie should trade in demo or real account?
  83. Forex is my desiring business how ?
  84. Can the student start in forex?
  85. What is the best capital for trading ?
  86. Can I be a trader at all?
  87. How to forecast the movement of market?
  88. What risk / reward ratio prefer?
  89. Do you think Mondays and Fridays are very risky days for trading?
  90. Do you think you can become a billionaire?
  91. Are you a successful trader or you still fighting to get the success ?
  92. What was yours biggest loss in forex?
  93. Can you double yours fund 100$ in one day?
  94. Which one is better, Trading commodity or Trading Currency?
  95. Forex trading is your passion or just time passing?
  96. What are required analyses in forex?
  97. Why people choose forex trading?
  98. Are you really improving yours trading skill ?
  99. What is the best way to make definite profit?
  100. How to set the TP and SL in trading?
  101. Is scalping profitable in Forex trade?
  102. What are the main flaws in yours trading?
  103. Have you found your holy grail ? Have you found the trading system which works for yo
  104. Stop loss or Hedging - which is the best for the traders to protect trading accounts
  105. For Forex what is the definitions of success?
  106. How to analyze the Forex market for profit ?
  107. When should we trade so carefully?
  108. What motivate you in yours trading?
  109. 10 pips profit per day is good enough?
  110. Forex is for housewives?
  111. Dream of being rich in short time?
  112. Which is the behavior which you want to change for your benefit in the forex trading
  113. Forex trading acts as an ATM machine true or false ?
  114. Are you satisfied by your Forex earning?
  115. Profit makes a trader more confident, True or False ?
  116. Why Money Management is so important in Forex trade?
  117. What are the mandatory rules to be implemented when we are trading in the forex marke
  118. What are the key points you keep in mind when you trade?
  119. Discipline is what beginners need to succeed ?
  120. Why Forex is great opportunity?
  121. Forex is a large field?
  122. Keeping a Forex trading Diary - How much is effective ?
  123. Where to start the forex trading learning?
  124. What are the qualities traders should follow and quit so that they can be successful
  125. What is the required capital for making the success in the Forex?
  126. What is the difference between the professional and retail traders ?
  127. Why mostly traders don't get that much of money which they have targeted ?
  128. What are the real trouble that can beat the trader in the trading?
  129. forex is full of opportunity?
  130. Forex trading without indicators?
  131. How can I improve Forex business day by day?
  132. What are the points to be considered while choosing a perfect trading strategy ?
  133. How we control our greed?
  134. What is the most appropriate indicator for short term trading?
  135. Does Forex make you cry?
  136. Is Back-testing really important in making a strategy?
  137. Do you ever think of leaving this field after getting huge losses ?
  138. How to use hedging instead of stop loss?
  139. Do you think you are perfect or still doing hard work to get the success here ?
  140. How important is the preparation of the mind for the forex traders ?
  141. How much money you can make with 100$ in one week?
  142. What is secret of Forex success in yours view?
  143. Why are you in the forex?
  144. Forex is your hobby?
  145. Creates employment Forex?
  146. On which place at home you traders do trading, Like your personal room or what ?
  147. Any trading system gave you 100% satisfaction ..if not why and if yes why ?
  148. Do you put trade order with pure analysis or there is a mixture of gamble ?
  149. We know the Forex rules but we don't follow always
  150. Did you ever get margin call?
  151. How can we build the capital in trading ?
  152. Forex and Fear?
  153. No risk, no gain?
  154. Greed is good?
  155. Forex trading using your phone, you like it or avoid it ?
  156. What are the important reasons trader win in the forex market is it knowledge or psyc
  157. Can Forex Business fulfill your dreams by money?
  158. What are the rules to be considered by the Forex traders to fulfill their daily and m
  159. How the Forex forums helps the Forex traders to built their trading career?
  160. To trade with news what points Forex traders should keep in Mind ?
  161. What is the best time frame and why discuss the various types of frame ?
  162. How to be consistently profitable in forex trading ?
  163. How to understand market movement?
  164. Is forex hard to learn?
  165. Forex and dreams?
  166. Do you think that forex trading is an addiction?
  167. What is the main point that get people Bankrupt in Forex?
  168. When do i stop demo trading.
  169. can Small Investment make big profit.
  170. How you can give guarantee to beginners for 100% profit.
  171. Do you believe that market movements can be influenced?
  172. Why most of the traders remain scared of loss ....?
  173. How to become realistic forex trader earning real income on consistent basis ?
  174. Do you have any target per day?
  175. Concentration during trade?
  176. Have you lost your confidence in trading?
  177. How traders can recover the loss in Forex market ?
  178. Is self trading is the only way to make money in Forex market ,if not ,discuss those
  179. Forex is tensionless business?
  180. will you teach the trading to your child ?
  181. Forex business is your last?
  182. Payment processor you are using for withdrawing your money from forex trading ?
  183. If there is dilemma between day job and forex trading business, which one you choose
  184. The benefits of forex trading?
  185. Need high skill?
  186. Importance of forex study?
  187. Why traders mostly use MT4 platform while performing Forex trading ?
  188. Private place for forex trading business, does this enhance performance ?
  189. Continuous loss in Forex trading will make you energetic or it will make you disheart
  190. Is 1% Profit Per Day Enough For You?
  191. Forex give us tension and money?
  192. Concentration during trade?
  193. The more you invest the more will be the profit.?
  194. Can people trust Forex business?
  195. Need more and more practic?
  196. Forex trading is the best online business ,why ?
  197. What are the tips to survive in the trading market ?
  198. What is the perfect trading plan and perfect business plan related to forex trading b
  199. Trading is the only way to fulfill your dreams, agree or not ?
  200. Forex is the latest company to modern civilization?
  201. How earn more and more?
  202. Trade depending on the market trend?.
  203. Is it really possible to make 100% in every trade?
  204. Why most of the people thinks that forex will make them rich in one night ?
  205. Forex trading business and its impact on your beauty ?
  206. Forex trading business causes infertility for male ?
  207. What does the term drawdown means in Forex?
  208. Do you accept losses in forex?
  209. Emotion management?
  210. Are you satisfied about forex?
  211. What is a best trading plan according to you ?
  212. Why forex trading seems so easy but its not as we know ?
  213. What are the things to look for in a good broker?
  214. Are Forex Robots really profitable?
  215. What will you do if you lose 50% of the capital?
  216. As a newcomer to benefit?
  217. Forex is the key to success?
  218. What is an ideal money and risk management according to you ?
  219. What are the points to remember while making a perfect trading strategy ?
  220. What rules traders have to follow to make consistent profit from the trading field ?
  221. Why do you loose more money in forex trading
  222. Forex trading business and its effect on individual and respective country's economy
  223. What are the ways to get bigger profits from the Forex trading field ?
  224. What are the ways to analyze the market trend properly ?
  225. How to protect our trading accounts and trade?
  226. Which is more critical for the traders success hard skills or soft skills ?
  227. How do to maximize the profit?
  228. You Need Time?
  229. what is your dream in forex?
  230. What are the mistakes made by Forex trader ?
  231. Which one is good to test a strategy (A Micro account or A Demo account)?
  232. Why forex is becoming the first priority of every person ?
  233. Are you Trading as FullTime Profession?
  234. Before You Start Trading?
  235. Causes of loss in trading?
  236. In which way you wants to trade in Forex market and why ?
  237. Why mostly traders become greedy after making some profit here ?
  238. How to become profitable forex trader and achieve total financial freedom within one
  239. Forex requires is intelligence?
  240. Can I get rich with Forex trading?
  241. How to stop loss and profit?
  242. Forex trading is some magic or just a complex business with huge tensions ?
  243. Forex trading make us rich or our emotion makes us poor?
  244. Present input is earning trading experiences and future output is huge profit in Fore
  245. What is the importance of Forex Forums to our Forex life?
  246. What is the importance of Fundamental analysis to the technical analysis?
  247. why do you think that the traders should trade in demo accounts first ?
  248. Why some people do not like Forex?
  249. Do you think forex trading is suitable for all?
  250. Love The Forex And It Will Give You?