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  1. What is a Competition?
  2. Competition Levels
  3. How to Join a Level 1 Competiton
  4. How to Join a Level 2 Competition
  5. ForexCup FAQ
  6. ForexCup - Homepage
  7. Forexcup new features
  8. Real time CHAT on ForexCup.com!
  9. Forex Bonus : For Traders or Brokers
  10. How to change the password
  11. How join to forex superstar compettiton
  12. question on additional restriction
  13. unverified users and forexcup
  14. 20 trade meanns any lot size of 20 trade?
  15. How to minimize losses in forex?
  16. why most trader not want first learn?
  17. Trading for making money
  18. Don't trade every signal , no don't !
  20. 2nd membership
  21. Trading is made easier by price action.
  22. Trading forex without a loss
  23. Floating profit/Loss not added after the competition
  24. Forex cup didn't give me the bonus I won
  25. Why are (important) threads being closed frequently?
  26. Does one get bonus on deposit?
  27. How to Change your display name
  28. help me
  30. about PAMM
  31. I want to know how leverage works ?
  32. Short Term vs Long Term Forex Trading . Which one perfect ?
  33. How to became a success full trader in forex market ?
  34. Risk free learn
  35. How to make advertisement on Forum
  36. Does forex makes you happy?
  37. Should get much knowledge about forex?
  38. After I lost you do?
  39. How important is patience in the forex?
  40. Withdraw problems
  41. Do you think the forex is like playing?
  42. Do you have to have enough time and money to forex?
  43. The forex is the best profession and work
  44. How can I change my password for forexcup ?
  45. Brokers consideration
  46. Pivot point strategy for all traders
  47. Does everyone know the forex?
  48. Trading on mobile
  49. Languages problems...
  50. What is your source to learn the trading ?
  51. The important of journal or dairy in the trading ?
  52. Good capital help to control the greed in the trading ?
  53. Good investment help to control the greed
  54. Why so many people loss in the forex trading ?
  55. What is the quality of the successful traders?
  56. How to predict the trend of the market?
  57. Greed is the main cause of loss?
  58. Is forex is better way to earn ?
  59. Is there any limit of knowledge in the forex trading ?
  60. Is forex is waste of Money?
  61. How we decrease loss and increase revenue?
  62. What is your favourite pair in the forex trading ?
  63. How to become expert trader?
  64. Why 95% people loss in the trading ?
  65. What is the limit order in the forex trading ?
  66. How we get experience?
  67. Forex is ideal for students
  68. How to make discipline in the trading ?
  69. Others platform?
  70. Which the strategy that you are using and why ?
  71. How the broker earn from Forex ?
  72. What are the advantages of social trading ?
  73. What is differemce betweem meta trader 4 and 5 ?
  74. How Can We Get Profit Maximum Time From The Forex Trade ?
  75. When A Trader Will Give A Sell Trade And Buy Trade ?
  76. in a month how much you can earn in forex?
  77. Why Forex Is Not Easy For All ?
  78. with the forex you forget the rest of the activities?
  79. is very easy to say but hard to make a profit?
  80. You can only rely on indicators in the trading?
  81. why the trader needs a lot of money?
  82. Attention !!! Before you make a posting under this thread
  83. high risk will be high profit
  84. How can I earn huge money?
  85. Fight with market.
  86. User Manual Of MT4