View Full Version : How to use PAMM accounts?

  1. PAMM accounts. Whats it all about?
  2. What is PAMM accounts Rollover?
  3. How to open PAMM account?
  4. How to become an Investor?
  5. How to create a Managers Offer?
  6. What are Managed funds of the Investor and Investors Balance?
  7. What is Managers Capital?
  8. How to change Managers Capital?
  9. What is the minimum Manager Capital required to open a PAMM account?
  10. As a Manager how can I renegotiate the terms of business with the Investors?
  11. Are the Managers transactions copyprotected?
  12. How to adjust trading positions when an Investor makes fund deposits or withdrawals?
  13. What information an Investors Statement contains?
  14. I am an Investor. How can I increase my investment into a PAMM account?
  15. Can I cancel a deposit/withdrawal request?
  16. I am an Investor. How do I withdraw funds from my Managed Account?
  17. How to open a PAMM account with FXOpen